Use JIO sim in 3G mobile phone – This article is specially for JIO sim card users. Those users who have JIO Sim but don’t have 4G mobile phone. So they can use JIO sim in 3G mobile device with this trick. We will share a trick that allows you to insert your JIO sim in 3G phone / device and you can enjoy unlimited 4G free internet data and unlimited free calls in 3G mobile device.


Reliance launched a scheme for 4G mobile phones with JIO sim card users and they can access unlimited 4G free internet on 4G device. But JIO sim is not working in 3G devices. So some users are upset and searching for tricks to access JIO sim in 3G phone / device. Today I will share a trick to enjoy free 4G internet in 3G phone. If you have any problem in JIO internet speed, read this trick to increase JIO internet speed.

Use JIO Sim in 3G Phone / Device

Recently, I shared many tricks for JIO sim card users like free movies download sites, free paid apps tricks, free antivirus and such more tricks for all JIO users. JIO has lots of features for all who have JIO sim card. I want to tell you that JIO sim card is totally free and available in all over India. You can buy JIO sim card from Reliance JIO shops and use JIO sim in 3G phone.

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How To Use JIO Sim in 3G Phone / Device

I will share a trick that is working for us. We have tested this trick – ‘use JIO sim in 3G phone‘ in Micromax UNITE 2 (3G enabled mobile phone). So, I will not be responsible for any risk regarding this trick. So try this trick at own risk. But I tell you that your mobile will be same if you failed in this trick, but JIO sim card registration may be failed. So try at own risk.

Requirements for JIO Sim in 3G Mobile Trick

  • 3G enabled mobile device.
  • Internet connection.
  • Mediatek processor is preferable.
  • Android Kitkat is better.

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#1 MTK Trick to Use JIO Sim in 3G Phone / Device (MediaTEK Processor)

  • Firstly, download MTK Engineering Mode application in your android mobile phone, download from below link –

  • Now, you can run Advanced Setup with this MTK Engineering App. It is also called Service Mode.
  • Please use ‘secret menu’ carefully in menu. If you don’t know about this feature, just ignore this.
  • Now, open the MTK app in your 3G mobile phone and go to setting tab.
  • Click on ‘turn on’ to give full access.
  • Click on MTK setting tab and select any preferred network option.
  • Now, choose 4G LTE / WCDMA / GSM as your network mode and save this setting to use JIO sim in 3G phone.
  • Turn off your 3G android mobile device.
  • Open your JIO sim card from its envelope and put sim card into 3G enable slot of android mobile.
  • Finally, switch ON your 3G device and wait for 10 Minutes.
  • Congo! you will get JIO signals in your 3G device.

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Note – You will 3G speed in your mobile device, not 4G speed. Just enjoy and download movies, songs and paid apps for free. You can increase JIO internet speed with this working trick.

#2 MTK Alternate Trick To Use JIO Sim in 3G Phone

  • Download MTK application from Google Play Store.
  • Install MTK in your 3G device and open the app.
  • Open network setting in your 3G device in MTK app.
  • Select 4G LTE as your preferred network for your 1st sim slot to use JIO sim in 3G phone.
  • Done! Enjoy your JIO sim in 3G enabled Mobile phone.

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#3 Xorware Trick to Use JIO Sim in 3G Phone

  1. Download Xorware Switcher Android app and Xorware Interface app.
  2. Install both apps into your 3G phone.
  3. Now, open Xorware Interface app in your android phone.
  4. Select network mode to ‘4G LTE’.
  5. Save this setting.
  6. Switch off your 3G phone and insert your JIO sim card.
  7. Switch on your 3G mobile phone.
  8. Now you will get network into your JIO sim.
  9. Enjoy unlimited Internet data and calls.

This tricks is also working and we got this trick from our reader(name is not public). We thank to him. You must try this trick to use JIO sim in 3G phone.

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#4 Shortcut Master App Trick to Use JIO sim in 3G Phone (Qualcomm Chipset Processor)

  1. Download Shortcut Master App.
  2. Install this app into your android mobile phone.
  3. Open the app and click on ‘menu’.
  4. Now, look for ‘service mode’ or ‘engineering mode’.
    • Service mode – system apps & get access to change LTE bands.
    • Engineering mode – select ‘LTE Bands’ and save this setting.
  5. Now, switch off your android mobile phone and insert your JIO sim into mobile.
  6. Switch on your mobile and you will get your network into JIO sim card also.
  7. Enjoy your JIO free internet data in 3G mobile phone.
  8. Done!

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Once you have done above any trick successfully, then you are allow to use your JIO sim in 3G device. You will get 3G internet speed in your mobile and you can call any number all over India. You can bypass 2GB Internet limit and use unlimited 4G internet data in 3G phone.

Download MTK APP

Last words – This trick is working fine and I am waiting for your responses with your mobile name and experience, so just comment below with few details about JIO sim in 3G phone. I hope you get this trick that allows you to use JIO sim in 3G phone. Please share this trick on Facebook and twitter to help your friends. Thank you soo much for reading this tick on, keep in touch for new updates.


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