Hello everyone, Today HowToCrazy we are providing some official  facebook security features to protect a facebook account.Nowadays, some facebook friends and any other person wants to hack your facebook account so it is recommended to secure your facebook account.there are some facebook features to secure your facebook account.

 Secure Your Facebook Account
 Secure Your Facebook Account 

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How To Fully Secure Facebook Account:

Step1. Mobile number

Firstly,add a mobile number with privacy (public/friends)) and we recommended ‘only me’ privacy for female users.(It will help to recover your password when someone tried to log in that).

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Step2. Setting Tab 

Now go to your facebook setting tab and click on ‘Setting’ and then click on ‘Security Setting’

Step3. Login Alerts 

Now click on Login Alerts and then turn On Email, Notifications and Text Messages as well.(It will notify you when someone logged in your account)
Login Alerts Setting tab in Facebook

Step 4. Login Approvals
Firstly input your fb password and then enter. now  set your mob number with this security and save it.
(it will send a 6 digit code to your mobile no when someone tried to login your account) It means you have 2 passwords right now. 1 in your mind while 1 new password will be in your mobile everytime of logging in.

You can save 3 to 5 contacts as Trusted Contacts in facebook account but we recommended these contacts must be your close friends or family members. (these contacts will help you to recover your account if anyone tries to hack).

Trusted contacts in setting tab

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Choose your contacts

After choosing, confirm

Step 6. Active Sessions
You should to check your active session tabs regularly. It means how many browsers logged in with your account. You can log out our account from any browser from anywhere.

Active/saved Browsers with fb account

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Last words- After set all above securities, your account is fully secured. This article is to secure your facebook account. You can prevent your facebook account from hackers by setting up these securities.

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