This article is not suits to our niche but I am going to share a process for renewal of UP state scholarship application form. This article will help those students who filled their scholarship form previous year and going to renew the same application form for 2016-17. This article is about how to renew UP Scholarship Application Form for 2016-17. You can also check status of your previous year application form here.

How To Renewal UP Scholarship Form (BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA, B.Tech)

Note – Mostly application of session 2015-16 are on hold due to unavailability of fund.

Step – 1 (Check Previous Year Status)

  1. Go To Home Page.
  2. Select Application Status (2015-16).
  3. Now enter your previous year registration number.
  4. Submit.

Step -2 (Renewal Form)

  1. Open UP ScholarShip Home Page (please open in desktop only).
  2. Select Student tab from menu.
  3. Now highlight Registration (2016-17) and select anyone according to your course –
    • Prematric (9,10) and select renewal.
    • PostMatric (11,12) and select renewal.
    • PostMatric otherthan Intermediate (MCA, MBA, BCA, BBA, BTech etc) and select renewal.
  4. Now all students will get a same screen and same options, please enter correct details as you have in your previous year documents.
    • Enter your registration number in 1st text field.
    • Enter your DOB in 2nd field.
    • Enter your mobile number in 3rd field.
    • Enter captcha (case sensitive).
      UP ScholarShip Form - How To Renewal UP Scholarship Application Form (BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA, B.Tech)
      Enter Previous Year Details

  5. Hit Submit.
  6. You will get a confirmation for your renewal (see image below).
    Save PDF & Copy Reg No, Verification-code

  7. Please copy your verification code and print out above page for step-3 and Go home page Here.

Note – If you didn’t save your verification PDF file, you can repeat step-2 again and you will get same new registration number and verification code for step-3.

Step -3 (Check Renewal Status)
  1. Go to Home Page.
  2. Select Student > Check Renewal Status(2016-17).
  3. Please enter your previous registration number (2015-16) or follow the steps of 10th class roll number option.
  4. After entering registration number, click on Search.
  5. You will get ‘eligible or not‘.
  6. Done!.

Step -4 (Enter Details)
  1. Go to Home Page.
  2. Select Student Login after registration > select your course then renew.
  3. Now you will get a new screen with some option again but this is not exact same. Write your details from saved PDF file.
    • Enter registration number for 2016-17.
    • Enter DOB.
    • Enter verification code from PDF file.
    • Enter captcha code.
      Enter PDF Details

  4. Hit Submit
  5. After above steps you will get some option for your form. please enter carefully all details and submit after confirmation of your college or school (Server problems may be occur due to large amount of traffic).
  6. Submit Your Form.

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