How To Unmask Blocked/Unknown Calls in 2021?

Unmask Blocked/Unknown Calls in 2021

How to find out who called from a hidden number? You can use one of the special apps if your goal is to know who is calling with no caller ID calls. It is also useful to unmas no caller ID calls to blacklist some contacts.

Earlier, when there were no mobile phones, we calmly picked up the phone, not knowing who was calling. Now we rarely separate from our smartphones. An automatic number identifier allows one to see what number the call is made from. This has become so commonplace. In case we receive unknown phone calls and texts, sometimes multiple times per day, we feel uncomfortable. It makes us immediately want to find out who is calling.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to maintain the confidentiality of the phone number, as we make more and more different purchases online and use smart gadgets for banking payments. This way our phone number can move from one company to another, as we left it on many sites when registering online.

Let’s find out who makes no caller ID calls and why. First, these types of calls you can receive from telemarketers. The number is hidden so you could not call them back. The other type of unknown calls we can receive is phone calls from debt collectors or private investigators. You can learn more on this topic at

The other important question is how to block no caller ID calls. You can do everything yourself or use a service that allows you to identify the caller, like

If you often receive a call labeled “Unknown”, it is possible to use standard smartphone functions.

The simplest way is to automatically blacklist unwanted incoming calls. For that, you need simply to click “Disable” after holding down the chain name. Also, you can use applications for advanced blacklisting if you use Android. You can also select the “Do not disturb” function in your gadget.

To lock unwanted numbers on an Android phone, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the “Phone” application.
  • Find the “Blocked” item.
  • Scroll the settings icon and click on it.
  • Find the option “Blocking rules” and “Block unknown/hidden numbers” option.

It is possible to find the paid services, which operators offer. Such a service will help to see hidden phone numbers in the detailed statement, so you will be able to find out who called you.