How to Unblock Facebook at School or Office

Unblock Facebook at School or Office
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I completely agree with you if you are not in favor of unblocking Facebook or any other social networking sites in schools and colleges.  IT Admins restrict Access to Social networking sites, as these websites make students or Workers less attentive. There are multiple reasons why you are looking to unblock Facebook. You might be looking to upload a Video, Chat, or Post a Message. People also access Facebook and other social media for work. Whatever your reason is, I’m sure that you have already made many attempts to access these blocked sites. Today I am going to explain different ways how you can unblock Facebook at School or Office.

Steps to Unblock Facebook at School or Office

If you are one of those people who wanted to access Facebook, then be patient. I will let you know the best possible ways to access Facebook. Following are the steps to be followed :

(1) By using VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The best way to unblock Facebook is by using a VPN. It is a type of private network that allows you to connect with internet via a server run by VPN provider.

In order to Unblock Facebook at School or Office by using a VPN, you must sign up with your VPN provider. Only then you will be able to run Facebook. The selection of the VPN provider is entirely up to you and your specific needs. Basically, VPN effectively hides your online browsing activities from your Internet service provider. As a result, you are allowed to access Facebook even if it is blocked.

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(2) Using Facebook IP address

You can easily Unblock Facebook at School or Office by using Facebook IP address if is blocked using windows hosts. Now a new question arises, that how can one get the IP address of Facebook ??

For this, you just need to follow some simple steps, which will provide you a better guidance in knowing Facebook IP address. They are the following:

  • Open a command prompt on your system.
  • Type “ping -t”.
  • Press “Enter”.

As a result, you will be provided with the IP address of Facebook. Use that URL to search for Facebook in your browser and you would able to make access to your Facebook account.

(3) Using Proxy Server

Using web proxies are another better option to Unblock Facebook at School or Office. Proxy websites are a good solution to open Facebook-like social networking sites when System administrator blocks their access. All you need is a proxy server. Following is the list of some best proxy websites :

  • ProxEasy (free service)
  • Proxify (paid service)
  • Anonymous
  • FilterBypass
  • Self Hide
  • RocketSurf
  • ProxyBoxOnline
  • VPNBook
  • ExitB
  • VrDirect

By using the search bar placed over the proxy site, enter the Facebook URL i.e. and as a result, it will help you to avoid college or school’s network.

(4) Using the Facebook mobile site

Have you ever tried the mobile version of Facebook??

If not, then try using Facebook mobile version i.e. to open Facebook. If the system administrator has blocked only and not the mobile version of Facebook, this will take you to the Facebook mobile site. It looks slightly different from the Facebook regular version but has similar functionality.

(5) Creating a Personal Network

Most probably computer systems in school and colleges are connected with wireless internet network. So, by switching your network with your personal network i.e. your phone’s wi-fi hotspot, you can easily visit the Facebook on your computer system.

If systems are not connected to a wireless network, then use “mobile USB Tethering” option to connect your phone’s network with your PC.

(6) By using Tor

Tor is a free, open source software that allows you to unblock Facebook easily. It is highly recommended to use Tor if you are a user who is looking to visit Facebook from a place where there is an element of danger in unblocking Facebook. Or in other words, Tor is recommended to use if someone is living at a place, where they can face punishment while accessing Facebook. It lets you browse the internet anonymously. Tar hides your online identity.

Last Words on How To Unblock Facebook at School or Office

Depending upon your motive to unblock Facebook, you can easily go through any one of the above-mentioned steps. And if you find any difficulty while following any of the steps, then you can ask by commenting it in the comment box. We’ll surely connect with you, to provide you with a better response.

Sometimes you have access to Facebook but you are blocked for Video uploads or chat. In our next article, we will cover about how to unblock Facebook Features such as Video Upload and Chat.