UC News Publisher Program – Hello guys, I am back with another article that will tell you to earn money with your skills and the most important thing is that you can do this from your house. It means you don’t need to go anywhere. Yes! I will share a complete guide to become a publisher at UC News and you will earn money according to your efforts and work. So let’s start this guide…


What is UC News

It is a one-stop source of trending and curated news content covering all the popular categories of news with 20+ featured channels including news, cricket, technology, entertainment, movies, lifestyle, health, humour, etc. UC News tracks and matches the trending keywords on Facebook and Twitter, and decides on the trending topics before recommending them to the user <source>

Share Your Content or Articles at UC News & Earn Money

How To Join UC News as Publisher or Author

  1. You can Join UC News here and fill below details there –
    • Name
    • Email ID
    • Invitaion Code – 5f1bbb (Extra 100 Points)
    • Contact Number
    • Website
    • PAN Card No.
    • Full Address how-to-become-publisher-uc-news-earn-money-guide-2
  2. After filling up application form for becoming a publisher, you will get an email from there to wait for final approval of your application.
  3. After 2-3 days, you will get a confirmation mail from UC Web.
  4. Now go to dashboard and check all features and options there.

How To Create First Post For UC News

  1. Go to dashboard – http://mp.ucweb.com/dashboard/home
  2. Click on Write Post icon or visit – http://mp.ucweb.com/dashboard/article/create
  3. Now, you have all options to write a post for UC News. You can add images, heading, featured image and all other things that is necessary to write a powerful article for readers.
  4. Please review your post after writing.
  5. Now, publish your post with publish button.
  6. Your article will be pending until it gets a final approval from UC News Team.
  7. You will get a confirmation email and notification for publishing your article at UC News.
  8. Repeat all steps again & again.

How To Earn Money from UC News by Sharing Articles

#1 Method – Publishing Articles

  • After getting final confirmation of account, you have to publish a post within 7 days.
  • At least 1 post needs 1000 views to be paid.
  • You will get money according to your views such as Rs. 300 for 1000 views.

#2 AD Monetization

  • You can set AD like AdSense in you posts
  • You need at least 1 post with 2000 views to get AD approval for your account.

How To Check Income in UC News

  • Go to dashboard and click on Income or visit – http://mp.ucweb.com/dashboard/income
  • You can check all income sources here at 1 place.
  • You will everything about your income with actions and total income from UC News.

How To Withdraw Money from UC News

  • Go to dashboard and click on Income or visit – http://mp.ucweb.com/dashboard/income
  • Now you will get all your income here.
  • Click on Withdraw and fill your details to withdraw money.
  • You need $50 minimum to withdraw your amount from UC News.

Last words for UC News Publisher Program – If you have a website with quality content, you must join UC News publisher proble to generate extra income for you. If you have any suggestion or query, please drop a comment below. to get instant response from our team.