Two Most Common Catastrophic Injuries That Require Expert Legal Support

Catastrophic Injuries

Any injury caused by the negligence of another person or entity is classified as a personal injury case. Now, depending on the severity of the injury and the gravity of the incident that caused that injury, your case might fall under the catastrophic injury category. And catastrophic injuries can be defined as involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering to another. 

Let’s take a look at the two most common catastrophic injuries that occur at alarming rates in states such as California. For instance, last year, the rate of injuries that happened inside Amazon’s California warehouses grew by 30%. Catastrophic injury lawyers in Los Angeles are constantly handling these high rates of accidents caused by the negligence of road users as well as workers or managers in the industrial space. 

Two Main Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

There are various types of catastrophic injuries. One is a brain injury, which experts call a traumatic brain injury or TBI. There are various levels of TBI. There’s mild, moderate and severe. A mild brain injury could be a concussion. A concussion can be caused not just by a direct blow to the head but it can also happen when the head moves back and forth in a rapid way because of a rear-end type collision. Brain injury lawyers often refer to it as a coup and contrecoup movement.

In the case of a severe brain injury, there may be a blow to the head causing internal bleeding, and this is sometimes called a subdural hematoma. When you have such a severe brain injury, your ability to communicate is affected, including your executive functioning. 

Another type of catastrophic type of injury is when there’s an injury to the spine. A spinal injury can lead to lifelong disability, such as a herniated disc, where the cushioning between the vertebrae or the bones in your spine is pushed out and hits a nerve. 

Sometimes, that can heal on its own, but many times a person will need treatment or surgery. Also, these types of injuries can be lifelong, causing an inability to perform various tasks and sports activities. Even worse, such injuries may cause paralysis if the spinal cord is severed.

How Can A Lawyer Help

Injury trial lawyers work with various professionals in order to assist and help evaluate the client’s injuries. This would include speech therapists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neuropsychologists. 

In all of these cases, whether it’s a mild or severe brain or spine injury, in the eyes of the law something happened to a vital organ of your body. Your catastrophic injury lawyer will help you substantiate the fact that you otherwise would have remained healthy if it wasn’t for the negligence of another individual or entity. 

To Conclude

A catastrophic injury has a life-altering impact. Apart from a brain injury or spinal cord injury, there are several scenarios that require the amputation of a limb. But when you think about catastrophic injuries, you should know that it’s not just about today but about what your future would look like.

So if you are suffering from this type of injury or know somebody that’s had this type of injury, we recommend that you seek help from an experienced catastrophic injury attorney. An attorney will go over what can be done in order to help your case. 

A motivated catastrophic injury lawyer will help families facing such difficult situations get the answers to the questions that they have, help them receive compensatory damages, and support them throughout the whole legal process.