When we use a tablet or a smartphone, there is a main feature that is touchscreen feature.And it is also avalable on some costly laptops while in some has not this feature and you can not do the same function on your non-touchscreen laptop?
Say Thanks to AirBar, now you can all these with AirBar.


How to Turn a Laptop into a touch screen laptop with AirBar:

The brainchild of Neonode, AirBar is a slender strip that connects to your Laptop via USB. Upon resting it on your laptop’s bezel, it then blankets your display with “an invisible light field” that the company has dubbed “zForce AIR technology.”

AirBar Device

If you succeed to paired both devices, AirBar and laptop, now you can use your screen as touchscreen with your finger and you can do anything whta your do with your screen touch devices.

Compatibility and price:

AirBar doesn’t require any special software to work its magic.At the moment it will play nicely with Windows 7, 8, 10 or even Chromebook devices. As for OS X users, you’ll have to wait as Neonode is still working on a Mac version.

AirBar’s Price: PriceThe best part is that the AirBar is cheap that is at $49 only. You can purchase from Here

With the help of Airbar, a user can work easily without mouse or a keyboard, and its also iterested that a user can easily play games through AirBar. AirBar will Make Crazy to all 🙂

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