Are you tired of occurring bugs in your iOS frequently? Did you get fed up with constantly going through the trouble of contacting Apple’s Assistance? Well, where there is a problem, there is a solution as well. We have an amazing suggestion for an iOS bug fixer. TunesKit iOS System Recovery is the best and most popular software in the field that can help you to resolve iOS related issues in the snap of the finger directly from your computer. It is easy to use and saves a lot of your time. 

This software is specially designed to solve the technical issues that occur in iOS devices. It can iron out all kinds of typical issues like software freezing, stuck on the boot screen, iOS system repair, boot loops, and many more like that. This software is designed in such a way that any normal user including a non-technical person can use TunesKit iOS System recovery easily. 

Furthermore, TunesKit iOS System Recovery also helps you with certain issues that arise in iPhone. This saves you from worrying about service delays and fees spent on these services. TunesKit covers all kinds of issues from small to as big as iOS update failures or even data corruption. This software works well with both MAC OS X and Windows. 

TunesKit also has another advantage as it also assists you in downgrading iOS to a prior version like a whirlwind. Another plus point of this software is that it allows you to make a backup of your device or in resolving any errors during the restoration of iTunes. The best point of TunesKit is that it can enter or exit recovery mode on a single touch if the iPhone ever gets stuck. The software also covers other issues with the white Apple logo, black screen, apple tv, and more without even losing any of your data. With this as well you can repair around 50 iOS problems in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any other Apple device you got. This will be able to help you to fix it instantly. With TunesKit ioS System Recovery, you are able to quickly mend any common iOS TV issue all by yourself without seeking any help from Apple technical specialist

Features of TunesKit iOS System Recovery software

We cannot deny the fact that TunesKit iOS System Recovery has more advantages than drawbacks. The features of the software are quite alluring.

Easy to use Interface:

Easy to use Interface

TunesKit has an intuitive interface, unlike other complicated software that is difficult to understand easily for a common user. This system recovery software has well- systematized tools on the main interface that makes it easy for the user to choose the correct remedy for dealing with your iOS problem. It can be used by both advanced users and non-techies. 

Simple Procedure:

The design of the TunesKit is in such a way that makes the whole procedure of repairing the iOS easy in three simple steps and helps you save a lot of time. Starting from choosing the appropriate options for repair as the first step, then downloading the firmware file the next, and then you are almost done with the restoration of your iOS to its original state. And with this, your device is recovered most easily.


The best point of TunesKit iOS System Recovery is that it can be used on all kinds of computer iOS majorly including MAC or Windows to restore your iPhone or any other Apple device. This software application offers two versions to allow you to run it on any machine or whichever suits you. Additionally, it does not ask for much of your computer resources except 200 MB of hard disk space and 256 MB of RAM. You can also recover your iOS device on an outdated PC as TunesKit is compatible with Windows XP and later and iOS 7 and later. 

Easy for the beginners:

TunesKit iOS System Recovery is so Beginner-friendly that even an inexperienced person who is facing this kind of trouble for the first time can use this software tool easily to repair their iOS. A user can save a lot of time as well as money to get their ioS device fixed on an outdoor outlet. 

All versions are Supported:


TunesKit iOS System Recovery is not only compatible with PC but also supports all the versions of iOS even including the most recent version iOS 15. It can read and fix completely all the versions of iPhones that are released earlier. In most cases, not all iOS System Recovery tools provide this kind of same assistance.

  • iOS and tvOS Modes:

TunesKit has put a good way of dealing with the issues. It has two different modes designed for various issues. These distinct modes are – Standard and Advanced Mode. If your iOS device is suffering from minor issues then you can opt for Standard mode. But if the device is still not responding to it the way you assume it to be, then you can switch the application software to Advanced Mode. Having said that, you need to keep a note in mind that all your data will be wiped on the connected device while using Advanced mode.

  • Standard Mode- 

In this mode, you can restore your device while repairing standard issues without facing the loss of data like that of an iPhone getting stuck in Recovery Mode. The procedure is simple. You just need to connect your device and choose Standard Mode. The instructions will appear on the screen for you to follow. Once a firmware package is downloaded, your device will be done with the restoration.

  • Advanced Mode:

If your device is encountering any difficult or more complex problem, then you can go with the Advanced Mode to repair it but it will cost you all of your data. Therefore, it is advised to use advanced mode only after you have run your iOS device through Standard Mode. You can enter DFU mode for this if standard mode doesn’t work and instructions will appear on the screen too. The tool will be downloaded and the firmware will be installed on the device to repair it. When the procedure is finished, you can click on Done and disconnect your device from the PC. 

TunesKit also has a dedicated YouTube channel of its own, where you can find detailed help. You can access the YouTube channel using the link- TunesKit YouTube

If we summarise all the golden points of TunesKit iOS System Recovery:

  • It can resolve probably all the problems that an Apple device has.
  • It works well with both Mac ANd Windows versions.
  • The Standard mode option in it helps you to restore the device without losing any data. 
  • TunesKit iOS System recovery is a recognized and legitimate software application that is safe to use for iOS recovery.

Are there pros, there are cons as well? :

  • TunesKit can only fix issues related to iOS devices.
  • You can only get access to a limited set of features that are available in the free trial edition.
  • It cannot fix hardware problems.

All in all, TunesKit iOS System recovery can be considered the best getaway solution for iOS-related issues. It is efficient and user-friendly for those who do not have any technical expertise. The functions are easy to understand as they provide instructions to use it and if you are not satisfied with its service, they even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, you are free to use TunesKIt without any worry of losing money and saving a lot of time from the comfort of your home.