Trendy Tropical Flowers For Growing in Home or Garden

When we say tropical flowers, we actually mean many types of exotic flowers that have adapted well to their new habitat. The main areas considered natural habitats for tropical flowers are the Amazon Basin in Brazil, the Congo Basin in West Africa, and the Indonesian island of Bali.

However, tropical flowers can be successfully grown in other parts of the world with warm climates as well. Succeeding in these new habitats has led to the evolution of tropical flowers into gorgeous flowers with long stems and bright colors. That is why tropical flowers can be seen more and more often in gardens around the world.

Precisely because the cultivation of tropical flowers is becoming more widespread, it is possible to buy tropical flowers in various ways. For example, you can purchase exotic flowers today at a local florist, or you can simply order them online if you click here.

Exotic flowers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. In today’s article, we will talk about the most popular types of tropical flowers growing in your home or garden.

6 Most Popular Tropical Flowers and Tips For Growing Them

  1. Orchid 

Beautiful orchid

The Orchidaceae family includes tens of thousands of orchid species. In case you have not had success in growing orchids so far, you should give it another try.

The quality of the land in which it grows is crucial for successful orchid cultivation. Orchids thrive best when they grow from a mixture intended for growing orchids (based on tree bark). Then it is important that the pot in which you plant the orchid has many holes for drainage. Orchids should be kept in a bright place at home but away from direct sunlight.

  1. Hibiscus 

Hibiscus flowers are one of the most attractive tropical flowers that you can easily grow in your garden.

Hibiscus blooms in various colors. So, you can have a yellow, red, orange, white, pink, or purple hibiscus in your garden. Due to the variety of colors, it is very easy to combine hibiscus with the rest of the flowers in your garden.

As for the growing conditions, the most important thing for hibiscus is to provide it with enough sun and water it abundantly.

  1. Bromeliads

Bromelia is one of the most resistant tropical plants. It is very tolerant of high and low temperatures. High humidity is the most important for the proper growth and flowering of Bromeliads. The soil mixture from which bromeliads grow should be loose (as for orchids). The color of bromeliad flowers can be red, pink, orange, or yellow.

  1. Jasmine

Jasmine is another tropical flower that, in addition to its beautiful appearance, spreads a wonderful scent in gardens around the world. Jasmine has a very long flowering season (from late spring to early autumn), which is an additional reason to plant it. As with most tropical plants, increased humidity is essential for the successful cultivation of Jasmine. If you grow Jasmine indoors, it should be placed in a bright place.

  1. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet is a fast-growing tropical flower characterized by an extremely strong and intoxicating scent. Due to the fast growth, the flower needs to be pruned occasionally to not lose the desired shape. Angel’s Trumpet flowers look like big trumpets hanging down. The color of these beautiful flowers can be white, pastel pink, golden yellow, or orange.

  1. Oleander

Oleander originates from the Mediterranean

Oleander is a tropical flower that is widespread in the world. It is very resistant, which is why it is frequently planted in gardens around the world. Oleander is originally from the Mediterranean, which means that it grows well in places with hot and dry summers. However, Oleander flowers can also grow in areas with mild and humid winters. Oleander is also an excellent choice for decorating terraces. Oleander comes in white, red, yellow, or pink color.

If you are looking for unusual and colorful flowers, tropical flowers should be your choice. These flowers will make your garden (or the interior of your home) look beautiful like never before. There are many tropical flowers that you can grow with little effort. If, in addition to the ones we have singled out, you want to know the names and growing conditions of more tropical flowers, click on the followinglink.


Tropical flowers are very popular in most parts of the world. Apart from looking beautiful, tropical flowers are also very fragrant. If you live in an area where the temperatures are high, choose one of these flowers for your home or the garden. Thanks to tropical flowers, your environment will look astonishing every year.