Transporting Horses by air – All that you wanted to know

Nowadays, horses are globetrotters just like humans with the only difference that they cannot or need not to plan their travel that depends on the owners. The urge to win accolades across different kinds of racetracks and participate in prestigious racing events like the Triple Crown races in America, Dubai World Cup, Melbourne Cup, the Royal Ascot of London or any other events covered by TVG Promos is driving racehorse owners to send horses to different destinations across the globe. It has become a trend for legendary horses to prove their supremacy on different turfs. This has turned horses into globetrotters that need not always stay grounded ground but also enjoy the luxury of air travel to reach the destination.

Transporting horses by air – All that you wanted to know

Traveling horses

Horses are the best ambassadors for the sport of horse racing that has now acquired a unique position in the global sport. Therefore, it is natural that animals must constantly appear at events in many countries across different regions of the world. The world is shrinking for horses too that will become clear if you follow the journey of Alcott a New Zealand bred horse.  The horse began its career at Geelong, outside Melbourne and then moved to China as part ofChina Horse Club. Alcott participated in two races including the prosperous Nine Dragons race course near Shanghai. Currently, you can see the horse racing on the Southern Californian circuit.

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Shipping horses by air

The airplane has played an important role to drive the change in the world of horse racing that is seeing more and more horses moving across continents to participate in races with fat money purses. Despite fewer race tracks and fewer races, the racing opportunities have increased many times which has encouraged horse owners to cover large distances by air with the animals to make the best use of racing abilities.  Whether it is just across the country or across continents, air travel suits horse just fine.

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Air travel is convenient

It is not at all of the concern anymore to cover large distances with horses, not on horseback but by boarding an airplane. The lure of fat money purses and the desire to prove its worthiness to the world motivates horse owners to keep track of the important global racing events and arrange for its participation.

Competing in international racing is easy as also it is easy to transport horses by air within the country. The freighter company entrusted with the transportation picks up the horse from the barn, transports it to the airport, puts it on the aircraft and after the plane lands at the destination airport, the horse is deplaned and transported by road to the destination.  The travel is completely stress-free for the animal that is ready to participate in the race just within a few hours of arriving at the race course.

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Transporting horses in main-deck freighter aircraft meant for cargo as well as passenger makes it possible for people to accompany the horse for ensuring its safety and comfort.