Transfer Files From one iPhone To another

If you have bought your 2nd iPhone & you want to know the way to successfully transfer your data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Here we are with the 2 methods to transfer files from one iPhone To another. And if you’re thinking of getting a new iPhone, be sure to check out apple singapore.

How to Transfer Files From one iPhone To another?

Using Quick Start: 

Transfer Files From one iPhone To another
Transfer Files From one iPhone To another

QuickStart is one of the best application that helps you to transfer your data. During this process, please make sure that you have no other work on your iOS device apart from transferring your files. Remember this process is a time-consuming process.

Note: This will work for a device having iOS 11 

Step1: Turn on your new device -> Keep your new phone near your old smartphone

Step2: You will see a Quickstart screen -> use your App ID & setup your device (Note: This should the same app Id you want to take backup of) -> tap to continue

Step3: Hold your existing iPhone on the new iPhone -> A new animation will appear, just make the anime in the center on the viewfinder

Step4: A new message will appear “Finish on New [your device name]

Step5: Enter your existing device passcode on your new device.

Step6: After you enter the passcode, you will have an option to restore your app, data & setting. (Note: this will take a backup from the recent iCloud backup you have made)

After this process, you have access to take your backup as per your need.

Note: This process will also ask you to take backup  from your Apple Watch setting (If you have any)

iCloud Backup 

iCloud Backup

iCloud backup is one of the easiest ways to take backup from your existing Apple Device to new Apple device. Before you take the backup to your new device, make sure that you have already taken the backup from your existing Apple Device.

Make Existing device backup from iCloud::

Step 1: Tap on Settings -> Device Name -> iCloud -> iCloud Backup

Step 2: Once you tap on iCloud Backup -> Tap on Backup Now

Note: Before you do the above process, make sure that your iCloud Backup is “On”  & also make sure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi & have enough charging.

Now Take backup On your new Apple Device: 

Step1: Setup your device from the Hello screen & follow until Wi-Fi Setup occurs.

Step2: Join your Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet -> Follow the steps until your reach App & Data

Step3: Once you tap App & Data -> Restore iCloud Backup

Step4: Sign In to your iCloud account. (Note: Make sure your Apple ID is the ID you want to take backup for)

Once you complete the process, make sure that you connect to the internet. There is a possibility of you missing the data.

What if you have purchased app from Multiple Account?

If you have purchased multiple files using multiple accounts, it is possible to take backup. During this process you will be asked to signup to the account you have purchased the file from.

Once this process is done, you have successfully taken backup of your new iOS device If you have any doubt feel free to ask in the comment below.

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