Trade Show Booth Design: How to Create a Stand Out Design

Trade Show Booth Design
Did you know that businesses in the US spend roughly $24 billion each year on trade show exhibits? This isn’t surprising, as trade shows are the second largest contributor of B2B income.

You have to stand out should you decide to take advantage of this marketing strategy because it’s pretty competitive.

To stand out, you must find an edge that sets you apart from your competitors. Your trade show booth design can help you stand out.

Read on to learn about some of the most effective trade show design tips.

Create Signage That Explains Your Offerings

Customers want to see more than just your company name and logo. When designing your signage, put yourself in your potential client’s shoes. Your signage should show clients what they stand to gain if they choose you.

It would be best if you also created eye-catching trade show booth graphics to attract clients. They need to see your signage from a distance.

Ensure Key Messages Are Clear

You need to make sure your key messages are legible by raising your signage. The rule of thumb dictates placing your signage three or four feet above the ground.

Your signage should also be legible from at least 15 feet away. Be sure to use large fonts to achieve this.

Make Use of Bright Colors

While your chosen colors should reflect your company, they should also be noticeable enough to attract attention. Avoid neutral or drab colors as they’ll make your exhibits fade in the background.

Bright colors are also more likely to evoke positive emotions in your customers. If you can’t use noticeable colors, incorporate textures when printing trade show graphics.

Choose Proper Image Resolutions

You may be tempted to use pictures from your iPhone for your trade show booth. Granted, the iPhone takes quite decent pictures.

However, its image size and resolution are too small. It would be best to hire a professional to take and create the right images. Check it out here for the best custom printing services at affordable rates.

Avoid Full-Length Tables

While tables are functional in trade shows, exhibitors today are leaning towards more creative furniture. Consider a small podium or several high tables instead of using a table that occupies most of your booth space.

These furnishings will help your employees appear more approachable. If you’re worried about storage for your brochures, consider a brochure stand.

Choose Proper Lighting

Many exhibitors go wrong when they underestimate the importance of good lighting. Good lighting allows your customers to see all aspects of your booth.

It also evokes a sense of trust in your business. This is because people associate light with good.

Stand Out With These Trade Show Booth Design Tips

Creating a trade show booth design that’s eye-catching requires good planning and even better execution. You can’t go wrong with the tips provided in this article, so use them for your next exhibit.

Remember that you want customers to come to you. As such, bright colors, lighting, and an overall inviting environment are essential.

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