Top Vaping Secrets You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Top Vaping Secrets You Can’t Afford To Ignore
Top Vaping Secrets You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Want to get the most out of your vaping? Well, start by learning everything about electronic cigarettes. Of course, most people think that vaping is like smoking. Well, the truth of the matter is that they share similar characteristics. However, vaping gives you more experience. Talk about the inhalation techniques and the technology used. They make the experience entirely different. But you need to ensure that there are no leaking cartilages. Along these lines, here are top electronic cigarette hacks and tricks for both experienced and new vapers. Below in this article, we will cover the Top Vaping Secrets You Can’t Afford To Ignore.

Make Sure the Battery Is Fully Charged

Be sure to charge the batteries. Know when they’re full. Remember, the amount of vape you are going to get from your unit depends on the level of power available on the battery. So, ensure that it’s fully charged. Normally, red flickering signals an empty battery. On the other hand, green indicators tell you that the battery is full.

Utilize Disposable Cartilage

Go for disposable cartilage as opposed to the tobacco alternative. It’s cost effective and sufficient. Moreover, if you are looking to save more, go for e-liquid. Depending on the size, a bottle measuring 30 ml can fill over 60 cartilages. One bottle goes for around $20. Also, the cost of Electronic cigarette cartridge refills isn’t that high. This makes it easy to refill expired cartilages. It’s also important to note that filling the cartilage is super easy. Filling it involves dripping the solution into your cartilage.

Prime the Atomizer

Priming the atomizer is an important step. The atomizer—a minute heating coil—is used to turn that liquid into vapor. For optimal performance, it requires some warm-up. Doing so will ensure that your unit achieves peak efficiency. Activate the battery before doing anything. Here is how to it:

  • Hold its button down for a few seconds.
  • Be sure to do this before you take a puff
  • Then take a few shorts
  • This will act as an introductory puff. It will also help in priming your atomizer

Mix Different E-Liquids

If you’re an e-liquid user, you may want to consider mixing different varieties. Doing this will can help you create a new flavor blend. Alternatively, you can opt to combine propylene glycol plus vegetable glycerin in various quantities. Typically, propylene glycol carries flavors more efficiently, but the vegetable variety makes a better option for vapor production. So, mixing them can give you the perfect opportunity to match the performance of your cartridges to your preferences.  

Avoid Storing Your E-Cigarettes with Other Metals

Storing your e-cigarette in the pocket where it may come into contact with certain metallic objects could potentially damage the battery. This interaction could also trigger the activation of the atomizer and cause intense overheating in your pocket. Storing your e-cigarettes in a carry case is an incredible option. 

Take A Long, Gentle Drag

The main difference between an e-cigarette and a tobacco cigarette is that those sharp, strong puffs you love so much aren’t ideal when you are vaping. Rather, you’ll need to take a gentle and long drag. The main reason for doing this is to allow the battery to get activated without causing unnecessary pressure and flooding the atomizer. If you’re a newbie, this tip can make it easier for you to cope up with the method pretty quickly.

Start With Lower Nicotine Levels

In the first stages of utilizing an e-cigarette, you’ll be excited about its effectiveness and you’ll definitely want to use it more often. And this could actually result in excessive nicotine consumption. That’s why it’s advisable to start with lower strength cartridges as it allows you to experiment on the e-cigarette without inhaling huge amounts of nicotine. Plus, it will give you the perfect chance to find your ideal nicotine level.

Ensure That the Atomizer Isn’t “Dry

When the cartridge you’re utilizing runs low on e-liquid, you may notice an unpleasant taste. In such a state, you shouldn’t continue pushing the atomizer. If this happens, activating the atomizer might lead to overheating. And this essentially destroys your gadget, so don’t take chances!

Leaking cartridges are an unfortunate possibility with most e-cigarette products. Elevating the mouthpiece plays an important role in getting gravity on your side. Besides, taking longer and gentler puffs also helps in preventing this.

Desist From Overfilling Your Cartridges

Generally speaking, the cartridge’s interior is designed in such a way that the ‘wick’ draws e-liquid from a particular absorbent material. Nonetheless, if there’s excess liquid, it may end up pooling towards the bottom and restrict airflow. And this significantly reduces the amount of vapor you will get from it, so be careful when filling the cartridges. Blowing into the mouthpiece might be helpful in forcing out excess liquid from the other end.

Your vaporizer’s e-juice comprises of several ingredients. Some vaporizer juices feature vegetable glycerin whilst others don’t. Because of this, most vapers find it deciding on the type of vape juice to purchase.

The Different Types of Vape Juices

Generally, there are two common types of vape juices available in today’s market. One contains glycerin and the other is made of glycol propylene. If you’re considering glycerin, it’s significant to know that this liquid is all-natural. It’s a type of oil that’s often extracted from different plants, including soy, coconuts, and palm. And this is the reason why most people opt for glycerin. It’s natural and highly safe.

Propylene glycol, on the other hand, is industrially produced. Though quite effective, this product isn’t all-natural and isn’t usually considered to be as safe as glycerin. Depending on your personal needs, choose a vape juice that gives you all the enjoyment you need. Go for a product that’s safe, affordable, and effective.

The Bottom-Line

It’s time to take your vaping game to another new level. Vape like a pro with the above vaping hacks and tricks. Starting with smaller amounts of nicotine and taking long, gentle puffs will help you vape in style. Enjoy the feeling and let your vaping experience do the talking.


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