Top Law Firm SEO Techniques for Every Attorney

Top Law Firm SEO Techniques for Every Attorney
Top Law Firm SEO Techniques for Every Attorney

With the escalating popularity of digital marketing solutions, it seems that you are living in the future—where marketing possibilities are endless. In particular, digital marketing solutions like law firm SEO is likely to shake the legal fields and give best lawyers opportunities to pitch different services to clients in a cost-effective manner. With law firm SEO, you have a powerful digital marketing tool that is bound to get you more leads and boost your revenues.

Even more, implementing SEO for attorneys isn’t that hard. You can either do it by yourself or hire a reputable SEO agency to do it for you. So, if you are looking to give your law firm uplift, keep reading. This article contains Top Law Firm SEO Techniques for Every Attorney law and how to conduct a search engine optimization process.

The Basics

SEO—which stands for Search Engine Optimization—is a powerful digital marketing strategy that’s helping many businesses attract clients and boost revenues. Implementing an effective SEO strategy isn’t hard. It involves simple actionable techniques and you are good to go. It’s also important to note that the legal field is crowded with a lot of legal firms. This makes it hard to attract clients to your site—especially considering that most clients are looking for legal services online. And that’s where law firm SEO comes in. With law firm SEO, you have a powerful digital marketing strategy that will help your site rank higher on Google and boost your overall lead acquisition process.

Actionable Techniques

Content is all your firm needs. Thus, invest in writing quality content. Create long-form content—preferably more than 1000 words long. If you can, write content that is about 2500 words long. With long content, you have a tool that will help you communicate with your clients and offer them beneficial information. Thus, turn that website of yours into a law hub. Give solutions to common problems. Use short sentences. Do the same to paragraphs. Make sure the paragraphs flow logically.

Avoid Spamming

Create original content. Avoid spamming content. It will negatively affect your website. Remember, search engines cannot be tricked. So, employ Google’s best practices. Avoid manipulative tactics. They won’t take you anywhere. Employing manipulative tactics is only going to get you banned. For best results, embrace white hat SEO techniques.


Don’t go for quantity. It won’t yield the results that you are looking for. Also, create quality backlinks. They still make sense in this digital marketing era. Get the best legal directories. Then look for easy of getting your firm listed there. Also, have your local citations ready. Then leverage on the power of NAP ( an abbreviation for Name Address Phone).

Also, consider nailing down article writing as well as outreach to quality websites with great ideas. Invest in obtaining media mentions from authority sites—especially when you are having something important to announce.

Never dilute your Site

Start small. For instance, when rolling out a lawyer SEO campaign, consider focusing on a few phrases. From there, you can branch to other practice areas. The bottom-line should be to target your main area of practice. It will improve the visibility of your website.

Focus on the bounce rate when building your website. Also, ensure that your website speed is high. Don’t forget to create a highly interactive site that promotes good usability. Take into account the click-through rates of your site. Have listings that can draw attention and prompt people to click. Aim at becoming an industry leader in your area of practice. Plus, your clients should find it easy to locate the information they are looking for. 

Also, ensure that your website is easy to use. Check the speed and other important parameters that influence website user friendliness. Include your contact information in the website. Correct all the errors in your site. Remember, the modern consumer is looking for information that is easy to find and use. Plus, a website that takes ages to load will discourage your clients. So, ensure that the logs and bounce rates are up to date.

Common Law Firm SEO Issues

The following are common law firm SEO issues.

Law Ranking – Are your search results showing or page 2 and below? Then, your site is suffering from law ranking. This is a common issue with many law forms. With law ranking, you will get less traffic, generate fewer leads, and achieve inferior revenue levels.

Poor Attorney SEO experience—SEO can be challenging—especially if you are new in this arena. SEO is technical in nature—requiring a high level of expertise. Plus, getting it right can be challenging—especially when it comes to applying SEO best practices. However, you can hire a law firm SEO agency to help you roll out an effective SEO strategy. 

Penalized – Being penalized is another common SEO issue. It’s important to note that Google keeps on changing its parameters. Thus, if you aren’t familiar with these changes, chances of making mistakes are high. Plus, mistakes can lead to penalization. That’s why its always advisable to get an SEO expert to guide you whenever you are rolling out a digital marketing strategy.

Too Busy—implementing an effective SEO strategy takes time, effort, and resources. But what happens to those attorneys who are very busy dealing with client issues? It can be difficult to roll out, monitor, and manage all marketing related issues. And that’s where a reputable SEO agency cokes in. With an SEO agency, you have a partner who understands how to implement a digital marketing strategy. Plus, an SEO agency is conversant with SEO best practices. Thus, he/she will ensure that you are within the law.

Starting an SEO Process

The search engine optimization process isn’t that complicated. Here is how to start a law firm SEO:

Do proper keyword research. Then have an elaborate strategy. Use keyword Planner when researching for your keywords. The next step involves site architecture as well as On-Page Changes.  Here, you are required to organize that website of yours to ensure that it’s easy to navigate. Go for a pyramid organization when it comes to arranging your pages. Also, create a user-friendly URL. Do the same to tags as well as codes.

Get quality links from authority sites. You can get quality links from legal directories, local listings, media mentions, social media, and regular directories. You can also write content and publish offsite. Outreaching to other bloggers is also another way of obtaining quality links. 

The Bottom-Line

The above information will help you roll out effective SEO strategies for your law firm. Practice then and watch your practice grow.