Top advantages of Magento

Top advantages of Magento

There are numerous internet platforms available nowadays for developing an online store website. Each one is distinct from the others in its own way. The Magento platform, in particular, stands out. 

Magento is a fantastic option for individuals looking to establish an online store quickly and easily. The platform is set up in such a way that users can take use of a variety of features to increase the store’s popularity and demand among buyers and consumers. Magento is a well-known platform that is used all over the world. It’s popular in both the west and the east.

A large set of functions is the pride of Magento, for which the system is highly appreciated by users from around the world. The flexibility of the platform allows you to easily and quickly configure products, promotions, user groups, and so on. Hire dedicated Magento developer – Dinarys.

One of the main advantages of the engine is that it is open source and distributed absolutely free. Therefore, CMS opens up great opportunities for people who want to create an online store, but have a minimal budget. Note that the platform needs a productive server, so it is not always advisable to use it for small online stores.

The main plus is solid functionality: multilingual, availability of different payment systems and delivery methods, linking to markets, solid analysis of sales and profits, integration with 1C without downloading additional scripts. From one platform, you can manage several projects at once, which saves not only money, but also time. The system works on the Zend framework, which in itself speaks of its high quality and professionalism.

A very popular and advanced platform for managing an online store. The platform is very flexible, with an easy-to-understand administrative panel, even for a beginner. At the same time, the functionality is not lame, there are a lot of useful features, in particular, the speed of import / export of goods in catalogs and the caching function, which is very important for the development of the site in the future. There are convenient statistics on sales and profits, as well as analysis of goods in stock.

The filtering and navigation system is very convenient and accurate, customers appreciated it. In the settings there is a function of linking certain products to each other, for example, eyeliner to shadows and mascara, and so on. Customers immediately see a large assortment and move from category to category more willingly. It is possible to set up several languages, discounts, coupons, bonuses for certain customers. Optimization functions are also on top, linking to popular markets is operational, it is possible to prescribe URLs and tags manually. The system is free, works under UNIX. We recommend you Magento development services by Dinarys.

If your company has more than one online store, Magento is the CMS for you. As a powerful e-commerce platform, it can run multiple online stores from a single dashboard. Gone are the days when you have to have a separate control panel for every company – the amount of time and energy you save by centralizing your commercial work is astronomical.