Top 8 Food Items To Avoid In Case Of Chronic Throat Congestion

    To quote George Bernard Shaw, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” But sometimes this love of food can leave you in a state of significant discomfort, especially if you have a case of chronic throat congestion. Here you can find the details about the top 8 food items to avoid in case of chronic throat congestion.

    Thanks to the increased build-up of mucus, a congested throat can make it difficult for you to breathe freely either through your nose or through the mouth.

    On top of that, if you indulge in certain food items that are known to exaggerate such a condition, you will be doing a disservice to your health. That is why you need to steer clear of such food items.

    Check out the top 8 food items to avoid in case of chronic throat congestion.

    Refined Sugar

    When it comes to health, sugar doesn’t have a good reputation. But are you aware that refined sugar possesses inflammatory properties? A low intake of refined sugar in your daily diet may not be a significant cause of concern for your throat congestion.

    However, if you increase the level of intake, sugar can impact your condition severely. Since it’s a pro-inflammatory food item, sugar can irritate your body.

    To fight off this irritation or inflammation, your body will respond by producing mucus. If you are already suffering from a congested throat, it can make you feel extremely uncomfortable.


    Being rich in nutrients, proteins, and calcium, milk has always served as a preferred health drink for many people. However, this dairy product is known not just to stimulate the mucus production in your body but thicken it as well.

    Though this thickening of mucus is a temporary action, it can have a significant impact on your chronic throat congestion. Due to this thickening, the mucus takes more time to leave your body.

    This means the allergens stay inside your body longer, keeping you in a constant state of discomfort. The thickened mucus can also disturb your sleep pattern, causing you to reach out for sleep aids to get comfort.

    Spicy Food

    Are you in love with spicy food items? Then it’s time to adjust your taste buds in favor of something less spicy. This is because your love for spicy food can make your congested throat suffer even more.

    The fact is that spicy foods often act as triggers for the production of histamine in your body. Your body releases histamine when it faces an allergic reaction.

    It is an inflammatory compound that can make the tissues present in your nose swell and make you feel stuffy. Now, if you have an issue of throat congestion, this compound can trigger that as well.


    The health benefits of tomatoes are many, including anti-inflammatory properties. However, this nutritious and juicy food item can be a cause of concern when it comes to your throat congestion.

    Tomatoes can worsen your allergies and cause your histamine levels to shoot up. This can trigger and accelerate mucus production in your body. If you are prone to acid reflux problems, tomatoes can become the source of increased hassle for your throat.

    As tomatoes are highly acidic, the acid released from them can travel to your throat. This can make your throat swell up and cause mucus to stick to it.

    Food Items Rich in Gluten

    If your body is sensitive towards gluten, you might have noticed that when you avoid this molecule, things start to clear up. This is because gluten causes inflammation in your body, which results in a series of side effects.

    While feeling bloated, constipated, and fatigued are the most common side effects, throat congestion is among the lesser-known impacts.

    The body recognizes gluten as an inflammatory item and starts producing mucus as a defense against its attack. Talking about gluten, wheat is one of the biggest carriers of this molecule and can be a cause for your discomfort.

    Red Meat

    A treat of red meat may be a pleasing affair for your tongue, but it can aggravate your throat congestion to a higher level. Red meat is a protein-rich food item. It is this high content of protein that can cause excessive accumulation of mucus in your system.

    That is why it won’t be unusual if your throat feels stuffier-than-normal after you have enjoyed a spread involving red meat. Such is its impact that you may even have to reach out for the best decongestants to provide you relief.


    Certain fish, such as Tuna, can cause inflammation in your body, resulting in the production of histamines. This can cause your nasal and throat passages to swell up and make you feel stuffy.

    While all fish are not known to possess inflammatory properties, some certainly do. One way to deal with this issue is to assess your throat, nose, and breathing after you have eaten a fish.

    This way, you will know which fish can cause your throat congestion to worsen and which varieties you can enjoy without worrying.


    Pizza is a single food item, but it contains three other food items, which can make your throat congestion much worse. Almost all pizzas have cheese and tomato sauce layered over a crust. In other words, your body gets gluten from the crust, tomato from the sauce, and dairy from cheese.

    All these are known to instigate the production of mucus in your body. Enjoying one or two slices of pizza once in a while may not make your stuffy throat feel worse. But if you do not exercise restraint and indulge regularly, it can cause you to suffer.

    Suffering from a congested throat doesn’t mean you will have to give up on these food items altogether. You can always enjoy your favorite treats in limited portions and make sure that you do not indulge in them now and then. You will need to recognize the food items that trigger a reaction in your body.

    Once you know the culprits that cause such discomfort in your throat, you can be extra careful about eating them. If you can breathe easier by reducing the intake of a few of your favorite items, then you must go ahead and welcome this change in your food habit.