Top 5 Photo Editing Apps To Trust in 2022 

Photo Editing Apps

If you’re looking for premium photo-editing apps for your Android or iPhone devices, there is no shortage of options. You will get stunned at enormous things you can do with your images on a small touch screen. 

We admit that 90% of the people filter their photos before posting them on social media. So, you must understand the craze of using photo editing apps! The best part of editing a photograph is to flip image.

But do you know how to flip an image in photoshop? You need the best photo editing software for this! To ease your search, we’ve chosen the top 5 photo-editing apps for editing images on your devices, no matter if you’re a budding photographer or a casual shooter. Let’s get started!

1. Skylum

The best-in-class photo editing software, Skylum Luminar provides automatic advancement, adjustment tools, and creative filters. It’s a top-notch and professional photo workflow solution, renowned for its slick interface, captivating effect filters, and auto-correction tools.

Of course, the best part of using Skylum is it can flip an image in photoshop. As far as its pricing is concerned, Skylum offers $69 without any subscription charges.


  • Innumerable filter options
  •  Frequent feature updates
  •  Intuitive features
  •  Local adjustments with gradients and brush

2. Snapseed

The best photo editing app must have an intuitive interface, accessibility, and ease of use. All these three criteria can be fulfilled through Snapseed. It’s a convenient application because of its ad-free feature, where ads will never pop up to annoy you. 

This is a free image flipper and editing app consisting of numerous filters which broaden your image. Moreover, this app is user-friendly as you have to choose a photo and edit, crop, flip, add text, and much more.

As far as the user count of Snapseed is concerned, 100 million Android installs of Snapseed have occurred. This app has an extra healing tool via which you can eradicate unwanted elements and adjust colors as per your need.


  •  Color correctness
  •  Improves the images
  •  Modify the color and exposure 

3. Afterlight 2

This photo editing app offers over 130 creative filters, 60 textures, 20 advanced tools, and overlays. In addition, you can opt for different borders and frames for a better accentuating effect. This app has regular options, such as brightness, crop, and exposure. 

Moreover, it has various in-depth tools, including clarity, curves, tone, and selective saturation or hue. In Afterlight 2, the filters can be used, created, and again edited to aid in batch processing.


  •  Countless fusion filters, which can be free downloaded
  •  A wide variety of auto-randomized Light Leaks
  •  Dusty textures
  •  Color grading

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

The most powerful photo editing app for both Android and iOS is Adobe Photoshop Express, a simplified version of the flagship of the company’s photoshop application. Photoshop Express’s paid plan is comparatively less expensive, charging $2.99 a month or $34.99 a year. However, the basic version of this app is free.

This editing app is mainly used more for collages, text overlays, blemish removal, masks, and compositing than photo enhancement and correction. In brief, it’s the best on-the-go photo editing solution for all. 


  •  It doesn’t need high system requirements
  •  Allows image flip vertically and horizontally
  •  Fix any horizontal and vertical perspective distortions
  •  Offer dynamic effects, such as black, nature, white, portrait, and colored.

5. Pixlr

It’s the best photo editing app for ordinary photographers willing to apply some neat effects and do fine-tuning. The intuitive interface of this photo editing app is hassle-free to master. Therefore, you can get straight into the fun of playing with your images.

In addition, Pixlr comes endowed with more than 10 million designs, which creators can use to produce advanced designs faster.


  •  Built-in templates
  •  Text and transform tools
  •  Social media integration
  •  Import-export option
  •  Auto-select
  •  Revision control


These are the top 5 photo editing apps for 2022, which can also be used to flip an image if you need to do this at any cost. Are you wondering about how do you flip an image in photoshop? It’s easy. Pick one or even two from this list and get the most of its intuitive interface. Happy editing!