Top 5 eCommerce Plugins for Magento

eCommerce Plugins for Magento

Moving a site is as common as it is important for webmasters. In particular, it allows you to move data from one site, from one platform to another, or even from one site to another on the same platform. Therefore, it is an operation that involves any movement of data from one site to another. eCommerce development services by Elogic can give you full information. In this article, we will see current site migrations to eCommerce plugins Magento that we will explore.

1.osCommerce migration tool

Oscommerce Migration Tool Magento Migration Plugin

When a business enters the next stage of growth and needs to move to a more reliable e-commerce solution, it’s time to use a powerful migration tool. The OsCommerce Migration Tool enables developers to easily transfer data from an e-commerce shop to the platform. An online store for your website.

2. Moving from Prestashop Advanced

Transfer from Prestashop advanced magento plugin 

This is a Magento extension that lets you transfer the site from PrestaShop to Magento. It saves the connection data of your customers; they will be ready to log in applying the related username and password as when installing Prestashop.

This extension can also be used to migrate to a new Magento site as it will delete existing entries (i.e. to maintain links between different groups, products in fixed categories, etc.).

The extension imports data in several languages. Before starting the import, you need to set up the same languages in the target store.

3. Migrashop – Automatic migration of the purchasing vehicle

Migrashop is a data movement service for e-commerce sites that empowers you to switch from one version to another. X-Cart, Online Store, VirtueMart et OpenCart.

The migration method is very simple and automatic: all you have to do is select the type of e-commerce (source and destination) and determine the type of execution (“Demo” or “Full payment”).

The Demo option performs a short migration for demonstration purposes only; You can download migration results for free

The Full Extract choice migrates all data. After entering the configuration data, the system produces a distinct job in the queue.

4. Virtuemart to Magento migration tool

Virtuemart magento migration tool magento plugin

Virtuemart is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the Internet.

If you have a VirtueMart Ecommerce website plus want to transfer to Magento, the “Virtuemart to Magento Migration Tool” extension can do the job in several easy actions.

Brief description of the function:

  • Multilingual / multi-store migration support!
  • Check goods.
  • Migrate Levels.
  • Transferring Commands.
  • Reconfiguring clients.
  • Transfer producers.
  • Create customized goods.
  • Write output prices.

5. LitExtension: Shopify to Magento Migration Tool

It is a LitExtension that allows an Amazon store owner to migrate data from your site to Magento. Migration data include: Goods, Sections, Clients, Customers keys, Applications, Reviews, Manufacturers, Taxes, etc., and can be expanded by customization.

Brief description of the function:

  • Store goods IDs (free for simple goods), classes, companies, and customers in Magento.
  • You can select the type of data (goods, clients, requests, etc.) that you are studying to migrate.
  • Unlimited relocation at no extra cost.
  • Open data ere migration.
  • Information protection.

You find more info here. 

Extra one! LitExtension: Amazon to Magento Migration Tool

It is an expansion of the LitExtension. It is a comprehensive module that allows Amazon store owners to migrate their site data to Magento. Migration data include: Stocks, Levels, Buyers, Customers Password, Applications, Reviews, Manufacturers, Taxes, etc., plus can be expanded by customization.

Brief description of the function:

  • Store product IDs (available for simple products), categories, orders, including customers.
  • You may select the type of data that you are viewing to migrate.
  • Unlimited relocation at no further cost.
  • Precise data.