If you are not getting more traffic from search engine, then you are at right place to find some new ideas related to Best SEO Tips 2016. Today we are sharing this article for top and Best SEO tips for any website or blog. These tips can boost your site’s search engine indexing and ranking on search engines to get more traffic by indexing your website or blog to the search engines.

Best SEO Tips For Blog - 2016

Top SEO Tips For Blog or Website 

#1 Content should be clear and unique – Your content should be written  as human and it must be unique. Page’s title should be ‘above the fold’. It must be display without scrolling your webpage. 

#2 Choose keywords  – Keyword selection is an important part of SEO.Choose your keywords wisely to get better SEO for your website.

#3 Meta Description Write a unique, simple and readable meta description for your site that will be display on search engine pages.

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#4 Use keywords in meta description – Try to write your meta description with your suitable keywords. It is better for both – keywords and description also. It will help you a lot read more.

#5 Use Keywords in Your Images – Image is a important part of SEO, It helps to SEO your article verry fast, So add your keywords in to your image’s alt attribute.

Top 20+ SEO 2016 Tips - Best Search Engine Optimization Tips For Blog

#6 Don’t add too many ads – Try to add minimum ads units on your webpage and find a right place to display them from where you can get more revenue from them.

#7 Add ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute – All paid links should have the rel=”nofollow” attribute. You can set this feature at the time of making links.

#8 Remove Extra JavaScript – Some blog templates have too many javascript codes that make your blog too slow and it doesn’t require a heavy page for SEO. So you have to add minimum Javascript codes in your website. 

#9 Use SEO friendly URL with Hyphens – Your URLs should be in human readable. Short URLs with target keywords are considered best for SEO. Use hyphens(-) to make a URL effective and user friendly like- www.howtocrazy.com/top-seo-tips-2016.html or www.pcmate.org/seo-techniques.

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#10 Add contact page – Add a contact page to your website blog that contains your website details like office, email ids’, location, fax etc. Details should be easy to find. Try to Add your Google Map location to your website.

#11 Add privacy policy pagePrivacy policy page is very important for SEO, Google AdSense and Visitors also. This page will help you to get trust from users and search engines.

#12 Add about us pageAbout us page is also important for SEO and Visitors. Include all detailed information about your website and also something about you and all authors.

#13 Use www. or non www – Your website should be open with www or without www this will help you to get more traffic from direct input your URL into URL section. like www.howtocrazy.com or howtocrazy.com. These both links to our website. So yours must be like this.

#14 Make Unique Title You should to try set your title of the page unique so that you can easily indexed on search engines.

#15 Minimize stop words – Please make try to write minimum stop words like a, at. the, into, of etc otherwise these will considered as your keywords for your website from search engines.

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#16 HowToCrazy. HowToCrazy. HowToCrazy Annoying isn’t it? Use your keyword once in the title and don’t repeat it. Don’t try to write your keywords again and again in any post.

#17 Write Title in H1 tag – Your Page Name or article name should be in H1 tag. H1 tag specially for SEO to identify your title and its content. So

#18 Write Keyword/Title in H1 Tag – The H1 tag is an important on-page ranking factor and it should include the page’s target keyword.

#19 Make content with a specific length – Write your article neither too lengthy nor too short. It must be 400-500 words long. Long article always preferred by SEO.

#20 Include multimedia – Try to add multimedia with your content – images, videos , slideshows etc. Images and Videos always attracts more visitors. SEO always requires for images and videos in a article.

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#21 Add your internal links – Try to add internal links of your other pages within content.Try to link more words or phrases within your article with your other posts links. This will help both of you to find something new in this post. 

#22 Content should be updated – You should update your website or blog regularly with updated date stamp. Regularly update your blog & attract more traffic and visitors.

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Last words- If you really want to get SEO for your blog, then you have to follow above 20+ SEO tips for your blog in 2016. If you followed these tips, then your website or blog must be in first page on google. All above tips are latest and updated tips for SEO 2016.


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