Top 10 Social Media Company Logos in 2018

Role of Logo in Social Media

Over the past decade, “social networks” have become particularly popular. The Internet promotes intensifying collaboration between people and the role of social software has become increasingly common. Social networking is an Internet service for simultaneous communication of users and placing and distribution of information. It is a social structure of nodes that represent individuals (or organizations) and the relationship between them within a certain domain. In this article “Top 10 Social Media Company Logos in 2018”, we will try to explain the Role of a logo in a company, its functionalities and for example – Top 10 Social Media Company Logos.

Social Media Company Logos
Social Media Company Logos

Nowadays social networks have a huge number of users who are constantly growing. It is popular to use social networks for different purposes such as work, studying, communication, etc. Students write a lot of term papers about the social network. Find out how to buy college paper about a social network!

The role of Social Media in Education

The Role of Social Media in Education is also significant. Social interaction within an online framework can help university students share experiences and collaborate on relevant topics. It may involve people with varying levels of expertise working together collectively to resolve problems and so on.

In the era of information society development, the use of graphic design of logos becomes more and more popular. This is due to the development of technologies of the visual representation of information, which allows influencing on consciousness, reason, feelings, and behavior of the person more effective through the use of a holistic image that promotes the memory and recognition of the target audience of certain products, services, and companies.

Everyone knows that branding is an important part of any business. If that were not the case, then it’s unlikely that companies would spend tens of thousands of US dollars annually on advertising and brand protection. Branding improves the recognition of the product, establishes trust in it from the side of consumers, represents the company on the market. The brand consists of many components, but most customers see your logo – that’s why you have to make sure it looks great.

In order to increase recognition, visibility, and clarity, a special icon has been created. The word “logo” means a name, symbol or trademark that is designed for easy recognition. The logo is a graphic representation of the essence of the company. An average logo consists of a symbol, an illustration, and a graphic printed design.

The logo is the face of any company. Your customers who see the logo should understand what you are doing. The Customers shall feel the individuality, the personality of the brand. Also, the Logo shall make the Brand to stand out from the competitors.

Functions of a Logo

Speaking about the purpose of creating a logo, it should be noted that a graphic or text image allows you to highlight the company and draw attention to its target audience of consumers. Thus, the main functions of the logo are:

  • Associative function – the ability to create a clear connection between the logo, the company, and its products; in other words, it creates the image;
  • Advertising function – the ability to create a positive image of the company, to cause the consumer confidence and desire to evaluate its proposal.
  • Informative function – the logo must match the product. One look should be enough to understand that there is a sign of the manufacturer of furniture or chocolates in front of you. That’s why the use of complex visual images is not recommended; the logo should be related to the main idea.
  • Distinctive function – the modern logo is also a kind of distinctive quality mark. Choosing among hundreds of similar products, consumers will prefer a proven trademark. Once you have recommended your logo as a symbol of quality products, you will gain the trust of your client.

The logo does not provide complete, comprehensive information, but in combination with the image, it can attach a certain character. The single image may contain only certain graphical information. It becomes more difficult to identify its affiliation with a particular company or network, etc. The combination of inscriptions and images is more meaningful and effective.

Top 10 Social Media Company Logos


Facebook is a global social network that is used by millions of people all over the world. This is not just a social network, It is a brand that does not even need active advertising. It is recognized everywhere and always – the logo of the site and the icon “like” cannot be confused with anything. Despite the apparent consistency of the interface, the logo and the color of Facebook, the designers of the company are constantly working on their improvement. Small details are being changed, but they often remain unnoticed by users. However such small things also make Facebook so special.

The logo of this site is known to every person – it is “like,” or in simple words a lifted up finger. The Facebook icon is required to go to your page on the social network. It consists of a rectangular box, with the social network’s name enclosed within its use of lowercase characters. The use of blue color in the Facebook logo means accessibility and supremacy of the network, while the white color depicts its stylishness and simplicity.


Instagram allows users to share their photos and videos, and handle them with various effects and filters. The original Instagram format was much simpler than one that we can see today. In 2010, when Instagram came out, its logo became a modified image of the real retro camera Polaroid OneStep. The logo background in the company is called a gradient rainbow.


Twitter is a platform where you can find out what’s happening in the world right now and what people are saying about it. The Twitter logo is a powerful symbol; it is always either blue or white. It must be legible and maintain the integrity of its form. The prototype of the logo is a bluebird of happiness. The debut of the well-known bird came in September 2010. The combination of the logo and spelling allows you to specify an account and a hashtag on Twitter.


YouTube is a popular video hosting network that provides video posting services. Since the launch of YouTube in 2006, YouTube has changed the logo only once. Even that one time the changes were insignificant. YouTube changed just the gradient color on the brand name. The inscription on YouTube has the word Tube, inscribed in the “bubble” – a stylized image of the TV screen. In the new version of the logo, YouTubve decided to drop the name of the service as an integral part of the brand name. Today YouTube is offered to learn only one “bubble,” the center of which is marked with the sign “play.”


Snapchat is an innovation in social networks because it does not allow anyone to know what you did and what pictures you exchanged with friends. The main “chip” of Snapchat is that your photos and videos immediately disappear after viewing. The original Snapchat logo featured a ghost smiling and sticking out its tongue. It was nicknamed Ghostface Chillah (along with the lines of Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan).


Pinterest is a social network based on the distribution of images by users. This Social Media Network, Pinterest helps you find and store a variety of ideas: recipes, house repair options, new shoes, and more by ‘pinning them’ onto your page. A user can present Each idea as a pin that contains an image, a description, and a link to the site from which it comes from. Under this link, users can read a detailed description of the idea. The ‘P’ in the logo is also in the shape of a pin.


Tumblr is a microblogging service that allows users to post text messages, images, videos, links, quotes and audio recordings. This Microblogging Service is allowing some flexibility in the use of their logo, such as using different colors of the initial ‘t’ logo and even use different style containers.


Google+ is a сorporate social network for business, so it is used for safe communication with colleagues. Its logo consists of a red circle and capital “G” with “+” inside. First of all, it symbolizes that Google+ is a way to link everything that Google can offer.


LinkedIn is a social network also for business. Here you can talk with colleagues in one or another area of professional activity, at the same time visit (or create your own) interest groups, establish business contacts. The LinkedIn logo combines three colors: blue, black, and white. Primarily you should use the logo on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. As a LinkedIn member, you may download the logos to provide or designate a link to your profile on the LinkedIn website, or to a Group or Company page on the LinkedIn website, or to LinkedIn’s homepage.


WhatsApp is a messaging application that is available for Android and other smartphones. The multiplatform service allows you to exchange messages free, having only access to the Internet. The WhatsApp logo already refers to quite recognizable logos. It depicts a white telephone receiver on a green background. At the moment, there are exactly eight variants of the patented WhatsApp logo using Each of them in certain cases. For example, one serves as an icon for a mobile program, another one as a logo on a website, and the third one as an icon for a computer customer.

Logo design is one of the important stages of the company’s marketing and advertising policy in promoting the brand on the market. Social Media Logos have revolutionized our world nowadays.

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