6 Practical Tips to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Most of us are aware of the deteriorating global environment situation. Climate change, depleting fuels, and rising pollution levels are all too real to ignore. If we are not doing our part to save the environment, it might be too late to save our beautiful planet. 

It does not take much to bring change into our lifestyle and make the earth safer at the same time. A few changes here and there in our homes can go a long way to save the earth and reverse some of the damage that has been done already. There are in fact some fun changes that could make your house a safer and brighter place to live in. 

Let’s see some of the few basic things that can be done to make our homes more eco-friendly with the lockdowns and the new normal.

6 Tips for Your Eco-friendly Home

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Choose Eco-friendly technology:

It is high time that we all make a choice to save our planet. And for that to happen try to increase the usage of all sorts of eco-friendly technology in your day-to-day life. Renewable technology is the best idea for any future household and the sooner it starts, the better will be the results. Installing a solar inverter is the first thing to do for any household. Depending on the inverter, it has the capacity to power up an entire house and all necessary appliances. Switching to these types of devices may require an initial amount of investment. But it is really worth it in the long run. 

Accept and Follow the R-s:

The three Rs that have been the center of climate change awareness since the beginning, the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is a popular principle for every climate consulting company. The basic idea behind this is:

  • Reduce- This aims to reduce the carbon footprint and any kind of wastage of resources. This consists of growing foods at home, categorizing wastage, and disposing of everything carefully. 
  • Reuse- Wherever possible, it is necessary to reuse materials and resources that can be used for different reasons. Instead of throwing away materials made of glass and plastic, try putting them to use for growing plants or even as stationery items.
  • Recycle- Recycling materials at home and purchasing recycled materials that can help to reduce the carbon footprint on the things you are using. Additionally, there are also recycling processes that you can do to reduce waste at home.

    Switch to LED:

    In recent studies, it has been noticed that LED bulbs are indeed the first switch one should get if you plan to make your house eco-friendly. LED lights are one of the most efficient light bulbs available to us at the moment. These do not need to be changed frequently and have been proven to be more energy-efficient than all other types of bulbs. Additionally, these bulbs are brighter and come in various styles and they are all smart bulbs with customizations.

Turn off when out of use:

We have all been taught from childhood: “Turn off all electrical appliances when not in use”. It is high time that we follow that rule very seriously. Whenever we are leaving a room, or getting up from our computers, or not using the sink – it is absolutely important to turn off the lights and fans, switch off the devices and turn the taps off. The water crisis is estimated to be one of the greatest issues that humanity is facing and will face densely in the near future. So not just electricity, but water is equally important for conservation.

Support locals:

It may not seem like a big deal, but supporting local and small businesses can be one of the best ways to make your home more eco-friendly. While small businesses seem to have a lack of resources and materials. But this is also the reason they make the best of any situation. Most local businesses use recyclable products and spend on cheaper but greener packaging, thus decreasing the carbon footprint with every purchase. Clothes, accessories, food, or anything else – the closer from your home you buy, the less fuel is spent on transportation, thus decreasing emissions.

Engage in gardening:

It goes without saying that nothing can be a better solution for an eco-friendly home than plating more and more trees. So, it is the right time to bring back the good old hobbies! Gardening has always been a popular hobby for many people. One can start by growing small plants on the balcony and window sill or the bigger shrubs in your backyard. When you start the habit of gardening, it is assumed that not only will you have a greener home but also there are actual health benefits associated with this activity. 

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It is high time that we accept a few day-to-day changes. The use of renewable sources of energy and reusing materials that can be used again is indeed a basic way we can keep ourselves and our future on earth safe. So make the changes in your own homes to have an eco-friendly lifestyle today!