Tips When Starting Up A Restaurant Business

Tips When Starting Up A Restaurant Business
Tips When Starting Up A Restaurant Business

Food is indeed at the top of every human being’s needs, and that’s why restaurants and any food businesses will never be off or out of the business opportunity list. However, if you are new to this kind of business or don’t have any idea how you can start an effective restaurant, here are some essential tips that will help you to start it right. Below in this article, we will cover the Tips When Starting Up A Restaurant Business.

Restaurant Concept or Branding

Nowadays, the food business has reached its peak in terms of demand; as a result, competition is present and high in the marketplace. That’s why you have to pick what kind of brand or concept would apply to your target place.

How would you choose your concept?

  1.   It is essential to know your market, who they are, what type of food you think they would like, their age, and their economic status.
  2.   Know your budget. Don’t start a restaurant business that will cost beyond your present budget because it will be your biggest blunder.

Create A Perfect Restaurant Layout and Slogan

The presentation and the look of your restaurant should not be compromised. As they say, “Never judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t apply to restaurants.

Things to consider when making a restaurant layout:

  1. The exterior and the interior would matter to your business, and it’s suggested to make it look unique and should depend on what type of cuisine you are offering.
  2. An entrance wouldn’t be complete without the name of your business. Putting the name of your business on the front should depend on the front layout of your restaurant and lastly, a perfect and catchy slogan would complete it. Restaurant slogans are considered as a motivation for customers to come inside your restaurant, so better be creative.
  3. The Dining Room. When they are already inside, the first thing they will look for is the dining table, so it is also essential to consider different sizes and capacity of each dining table to be put inside your restaurant.
  4. The Kitchen. This is where the food is cooked. The layout of the kitchen should be comfortable for the chefs in your restaurant. A functional kitchen is where your chef and kitchen personnel could communicate well and move comfortably. You will want to implement the use of a kitchen display system so your back of house and front of house staff can effectively communicate customers orders. This digital alternative to kitchen printers and paper tickets will display order as soon as it’s placed eliminating order errors and increasing speed and efficiency.
  5. The Restroom. According to a survey conducted by Zogby International, 80% of consumers would never come back to restaurants with dirty restrooms. Thus, comfortable and clean restrooms should always be observed.

Complete Permits and Licences

When venturing to a restaurant business, you must, of course, complete first all permits and licenses required to your area. As we all know, foods are consumed by our bodies, so it might be a bit difficult to complete permits and licenses to operate for your business compared to other types.

Usually, a Foodservice license is issued by the health department in your area or city. Typically, the health department will send a person to check the location and will conduct a sanitary check inside your restaurant, so you have to make sure that you are following the food safety regulations of the health department.

There are also other permits you need to acquire before running your restaurant.

  1. Certificate of Occupancy. Getting this permit depends on the building structure if it passes the safety precautions of your Local Government.
  2. Business Permit. Before the actual run of your restaurant, you still have to apply and sign for your business permit from the city government.

Permits and Licences might be costly, but it would always depend on your area so better set a budget for it.