Tips To Become A Pro At Stardust Online Casino

Stardust Online Casino


Stardust online casino is a betting platform with over 360 games in store. It is a safe and legitimate online game for eligible players. It features online casino games like blackjack, roulette, slots, etc. 

The primary purpose of the Stardust casino online game is for fun and to train oneself to become better at the game. It gives players room to explore and develop themselves professionally in casino games.

The Stardust online casino games can also lead to winning cash rewards. This feature is for players interested in gambling their money so they can win big cash in return.

The beautiful part of the Stardust online casino game is that you can train yourself or win from the comfort of your home or anywhere of residence. You can win money without moving an inch because it is solely online.

How to play

You can be up and running with your Stardust casino online game with the following steps:

  1. Quick download

Download the Stardust online casino app from the Google or Apple Play Store, depending on your phone type. Once installed, we can move on to the next step.

  1. Player or guest

After the app is installed, you tap the “S” button to enable the games on it. You’ll be redirected to a page asking whether to register as a guest or a BGBR player.

What does it mean to play as a guest? Playing as a guest is a feature open to the general public for training and learning on the app but not earning, because all virtual cash here can’t be converted to real money.

What does BGBR Player mean? The whole meaning of “BGBR player” is Boyd Gaming Boyd Rewards player. This opens the average player to numerous benefits, offers, bonuses, loyalty advantages, etc.

The options will be displayed on the Stardust online casino app so you can sign up. You can log in directly if you have a Boyd online account. The significant advantage you have as a BGBR player over a guest on the app is that virtual in-app purchases will turn into points or Tier credits.

  1. Games menu

This stage is where you choose from the many available games on the Stardust online casino game app. There are over 360 games you can play and possibly earn.

  1. Time to bet

Every game has its bet limits. This means the minimum and maximum amount you can bet to start the game. Some games can have a maximum limit of  10 million or more, while the minimum may be 30,000 coins or more depending on the game chosen. 

The bet limit is not the same for both BGBR players and guests. The guest mode can have a lower bet range on the games.

  1. Balance

As a player, never lose sight of your available balance so you don’t go bust. This balance will inform almost all of your decisions in the game and can help you win.

  1. Purchases 

In cases where you run out of coins, you can purchase more with the SALE notification on the app. Stardust online casino gives free coins after certain hours in the game, but you can still get more if you deem it necessary.

Only BGBR players can redeem points earned in the game as real cash.

Quick Tips for Becoming a Stardust Online Casino Pro

  1. Learn on the app 

One of the very first lessons that can make you play and win like a veteran is to master the games well. You can begin in guest mode to practice well and develop your intellect and prowess in the game. This will give you a chance when you move to the next level.

  1. Take the risk

Take a risk with the cash at hand and register as a Boyd Gaming Boyd Rewards player. This will expose you to more earning opportunities. You get money by losing it. So take that one risk that will give you an avenue to experiment with all you’ve learnt in guest mode.

  1. Choose your game wisely 

In the Stardust online casino, there are a lot of games. You may not be too good at all of them. Play the ones you’ve mastered. This will increase your probability of winning. 

  1. Keep playing and winning.

Winning can come with the satisfaction of fulfillment, but veterans don’t stop there. They keep improving on their game till they become masters of their space. You keep playing smartly and keep winning. 

  1. Withdraw and return

Learn to stop so you can play again. You don’t have to win everything in a day. If you’re happy with your winnings, you can withdraw and return to play another time.