Tips From Pro Marketers On Optimizing Instagram E-Commerce

Tips From Pro Marketers On Optimizing Instagram E-Commerce
Tips From Pro Marketers On Optimizing Instagram E-Commerce

Even as Instagram continues to grow at a scorching rate to cross one billion active users per month, it is quickly unveiling multiple features like shoppable posts that are aimed at making e-commerce easier from within the app. As per, 80% of users are already following at least one brand on Instagram, which also boasts of having the highest engagement rate in social media. Since getting the attention of followers is going to be pretty tough, you need to be strategically different in your approach to Instagram for boosting e-commerce. Some tips from professional marketers. Below the article, here find Tips from pro marketers on optimizing Instagram E-Commerce

Tell Stories, Don’t List Product Features

To make your Instagram marketing effective, you need to craft a story that sells a certain lifestyle to your followers with the help of images and captions. Instead of trying to push across product features, it is more impactful if you can demonstrate the benefits of your brand as enhancing their quality of life. This approach makes the story much more relatable and believable to your target audience as you can impress them on an emotional level rather than competing in a crowded market with a list of product features. This is the reason why brands are increasingly choosing to engage influencers whose posts have more impact than normal advertising and brand promotion content.

Make Your Content Non-Spammy

With more than 95 million posts per day, it can be quite difficult for brands to make an impact on Instagram. In keeping with the highly-visual nature of Instagram, you should ensure that the photos and videos that you post are of very high quality and extremely interesting to your target audience. Do not keep posting just because you feel you have to do something; once your real Instagram followers experience a dilution of the quality, they will simply start ignoring your posts. Focus on building a community of followers with similar interests instead of pushing hard for sales all the time and you will find enduring e-commerce success.

Focus on Engagement

The main reason why people use Instagram is to get entertained; users spend their time glued to their mobile phones in the quest for interesting content. Considering that 60% of users discover products on Instagram and go on to visit the brand websites in a bid to know more, the potential for e-commerce on Instagram is awesome. Instagram is likely to emerge as a different kind of shopping site in the years to come; users will get entertained as they shop for things, they find alluring. It is very important for you to provide value to users consistently, which will allow them to build trust that can then be channelized to making sales.


The success of e-commerce on Instagram will primarily depend on how well you are able to engage with your target audience. Rather than trying to communicate product features like conventional advertising, it is more important to focus on the lifestyle benefits of the product. For best e-commerce success, the sales pitch should always be tempered and the accent should be on building a relationship with the followers.

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