Tips From a StoryBrand Certified Guide to Create an Effective Sales Copy

StoryBrand Certified Guide

Marketing a product or a service is a challenging task. It involves lots of planning and execution. However, we see a lot of businesses failing because of their inability to market their products effectively. Hiring the services of a StoryBrand certified guide will help you create an effective marketing strategy for your company. These guides will guide and help you to create a compelling marketing message that attracts the customers.

A StoryBrand Certified guide will use the 7 part StoryBrand framework to create a marketing campaign that actually works. They will create a marketing campaign that clearly explains a story and attracts new clients.

StoryBrand Certified Guide Framework

The StoryBrand framework consists of 7 parts. The main framework to create a story involves

  1. A character, (the customer)
  2. With a problem (the problem your company caters to)
  3. Meets a guide (your company)
  4. The guide gives a plan (using your product or service)
  5. The plan calls for action (buying your product)
  6.  The action results in either success
  7. Or failure

A StoryBrand guide uses this framework to create successful marketing campaigns for your business. The story can be used to create a website that attracts customers, design effective social media campaigns, improve the sales pitch, and gain a higher return on investment. 

Here are some tips from a StoryBrand guide in creating a sales copy for your business.

Use If-then statement – StoryBrand Certified Guide tips

Use the If-Then phrase to communicate directly to the customer. Use “if “to describe a problem faced by the customer, and follow it up with “then” to offer a product or service to solve the problem. Using If and Then in the text attracts the attention of the viewers and encourages them to read further. Use of “If-then” allows you to have a natural conversation with the viewers.

Alert Customers to Negative Consequences, If They Do Not Solve The Problem

Use your sales copy to wake up people from the state of denial. Most people resist change and keep repeating the routine. Compel customers to take steps to solve their problems by highlighting the negative consequences of inaction. 

Explain How common Solutions Fail to Solve the Problem

For any problem, there are solutions that the majority of people do to solve the problem. While preparing your sales copy include a section that deals with the common solutions to the problem and how they fail. This will help you to engage the customers to read further. Writing solutions already known to the customer resonates with them and keeps them hooked to your message. 

Compel Your customers to Imagine Something – StoryBrand certified guide

The goal of a marketing campaign is to encourage customers to imagine the successful outcome of using your product to solve their problems. A StoryBrand certified guide has the power to command people to imagine things and make them obey. This valuable power helps to create efficient marketing campaigns.

Multiply the Effectiveness of the Campaign by using Certain Phrases

Use magic phrases to wake up customers from inactivity and drive them to use your products. You can multiply the value of your campaign by using phrases such as “if the only thing you get from using the product is…” and then you can list out why the product would be good for the customer.

For example, if you’re selling a self-help book, you can write “if the only thing you get from reading this book is increased self-confidence, it would be worth you time and money.” this statement will increase the effectiveness of your campaign and makes the customers believe that they are buying something with great value.

Give an Impression That The customer Is Standing at the Crossroads

By the end of the sales copy, give an impression to the prospective client that it is time to make a decision. Bring the story to a conclusion, where the reader is given an opportunity to make a decision. Spell out clearly what is at stake and allow them to accept or reject the proposal.

Follow these simple tips to create an attractive sales copy that influences prospective clients and increases your ROI. You can hire the services of a StoryBrand certified guide to create your marketing campaign and ensure your business touches new heights. StoryBrand Certified guides are well versed in creating marketing campaigns that attract clients to your business. They use a systematic marketing approach to grow the revenue of your company.

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