6 Unique Tips for Writing a Brilliant Motivational Essay

Brilliant Motivational Essay

Let’s first talk about the motivational essay itself, what exactly is a motivational essay? It is an application that you send away to your dream college where you want to get admitted. Let’s be honest, we’ll all want to brag on and on about how brilliant we are and what a perfect fit we are for being admitted into the college. Despite this determination, this phase of writing the motivational essay still is pretty stressful. 

This scene has accurately been depicted in Hollywood movies a number of times. The lead character wants to get admitted into its desired college but takes forever to write the application. This happens only until an event takes place which inspires him/her and they discover the reason, why they want to join that certain institute. How dramatic, right? Well, it’s kind of the same in the real life. You might have pushed yourself to sit down and finally get done with the application but you go blank right at the moment you grab the pen. However, there are great services that offer putting your motivation, behind applying into the specific college, into words like Peachy Essay.

In case you want to write the essay yourself, this article might be a great help for you. Sometimes putting thoughts down on a piece of paper seems like an impossible job, even if you know how competent you are. In this article, you’ll get to learn those unique ideas that will map out the structure for your application and make it stand out among others.

Sketch an outline for the application beforehand

While you jot down the points you’ll be covering in your application, create a flow around which the application will revolve. The outline should consist of a logical flow, what necessary details should be included in the essay, how many paragraphs should the letter based on, and how to answer the questions provided by the institute. Other points which should be kept into consideration are, whether you want to highlight your academic achievements more or you want to spot out your achievements in co-curricular. This further depends on the specific requirements of the university/college, however, you should still have a clear idea of what you want to keep in focus. 

There are various patterns you can adopt while writing the application. It can either be the classic template of three paragraphs or the one in which the main body gets divided in various shorter paragraphs. The second pattern is much more acceptable globally, as it enables you to highlight your achievements in various domains. This also creates a clear concept of your accomplishments in the reader’s mind. 

Let your application be distinctive

There are some statements, phrases, and cliche sentences that everybody use in their applications. Avoid this mainstream bragging and be distinctive, be creative. Explain your accomplishments in self-created sentences make sure the sentences are well structured with clarity and are self-explanatory. Add narrations to comprehend what derived you to apply for the institute. What keeps you running and achieving your objectives. Jot down your beliefs and passion for choosing the subjects you’ve chosen.

Do not makeup stories as the panel which shortlists the applications can easily judge whether the information provided is factual or false.

Make sure to research about the universities

Using a standard application for all of the universities you apply for, isn’t exactly a very smart move. Before you write a motivational essay for a university, make sure to research about its motto. Not every university have the same selection criteria hereby, do your research what are the elements a certain institute appreciates more. This point can further be explained as some universities offer sports scholarships while others offer academic ones, and hereby it’s pretty obvious that universities which offer sports scholarships would be more interested to know about your background in sports.

Moreover, carefully read out the questions/requirements a certain program at a university have and be critical to answer them. Furthermore, different academic programs have different requirements respectively, so you can’t really use a single template of a motivational essay for all programs. Such as arts and medical degree wouldn’t have the same objectives. A medical major would require better grades whereas an arts program would look into the amount of skill you have.

Picture out your personality

In your motivational essay don’t just keep on writing about what you can do, focus on what you are. The qualities you already possess play a major role in how you excel in the future. Every person possess a different personality, the reactions and perceptions are also variable hereby if you truly write about what you are, will clearly depict your interests. Writing about your feelings and emotions which derived you to apply in that college or for that specific program is a unique way to impress the reader. It’s you who felt that way, not anybody else. 

Try writing in a professional tone rather than a humorous one as it can sometimes be misinterpreted. Do include the details which speak your heart out but not too much detail, as the reader might lose interest and eventually jump to the conclusion. It’s not the longevity of the essay which will make your application stand out rather the spirit of the letter will.

Simplicity is the key

You don’t exactly need to use complex terms and language in order to attract the attention, go for simple words which truly explain yourself. Write in a tone and script you’re comfortable with, it’ll automatically impress the selection panel. Simply highlight your professional goals and aims as well as the academic accomplishments you tend to achieve. You don’t need to put yourself at a high price, because no one knows what the future holds. Just be true about what you’re willing to do and attain.

Don’t overdo the application

As discussed earlier don’t just focus on embellishing the essay with fancy words and phrases, centre around what you have achieved until now and what do you tend to achieve once you enter your target university. Be true to yourself as well as the reader, don’t overestimate yourself or underestimate. The panel which makes the selection of final list of the candidates is pretty professional, it can easily filter out the made-up applications which do not hold much potential. Make your strengths the focal point of your essay and avoid adding the weakness as well as the limitations, eventually, you’ll overcome those.

The conclusion

The motivational essay is a make or break of your academic future. Do proper research about the universities you’ll be applying for, don’t just leave it to the last minute. No matter how many words the application consists of, what matters is how much passion these words hold in them. Be professional, don’t brag too much, stay to the point and try explaining what pushes you to apply into a certain college or for a specific program. List down the strengths of your personality and how it makes you stand out from the crowd. Let’s hope this article guides you well on how to write a motivational essay for a university application.