Tips for Finding a Reliable Maid

Tips for Finding a Reliable Maid
Tips for Finding a Reliable Maid

Theft is frequent in Dallas with more than 25,580 reported pilferings last year. Interestingly, surveys show that 95 percent of workers steal from their employers. Below in this article, we will cover Tips for finding a reliable maid.

 With stealing cases of domestic workers rising by 70 percent, here are essential tips you should take into account when hiring Dallas maids to avoid losses.

1. Do Your Research

Find reputable Dallas maids by asking recommendations from your friends, relatives, or neighbors. As a rule of thumb, interview at least five companies to get a comprehensive estimate before deciding to hire.

Doing so will ensure that you get the best value for your budget. Moreover, that would help determine if you would rather have an individual cleaning person or a large cleaning company.

If you decide to hire cleaning agencies, make sure to check their business through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for reviews and complaints. Steer clear of companies with multiple complaints and poor reviews.

Always look for the accredited business seal provided by the BBB to know that these companies are legitimate, monitored, and screened adequately. Usually, maids certified by the BBB are experienced in providing services like vacuuming, dusting, kitchen or bathroom cleaning, and dishwashing.

2. Check Credentials and Request References

 Make it a priority to declare that any business or individual working in your home is registered and insured. Insurance will protect you from additional costs in the event where someone gets injured, or something is stolen and broken.

For best results, opt for companies with years of experience in the cleaning industry, so that you get an NYC maid service that can process everything to a tee.

Keep in mind that the number of aggravated assault or family violence in Dallas is rising with 1,150 cases in 2019. Note that there were only 1,139 reported cases last year. So don’t forget to ask for references to ensure that they are not only trained to do the job but will also cause no harm to your family.

How to Manage a Maid?

Remember that maids have physiological, emotional, and moral demands. So, every homeowner needs to keep their maids informed to ensure effectiveness.

Give them a list of your expectations and proper training to prevent fewer disappointments. 

Likewise, be considerate and let them rest for seven to eight hours so that they can get a sufficient amount of energy to perform daily tasks.

Alternatively, provide them with a schedule that includes their breaks and the chores to be done. Also, set and respect boundaries to prevent quarrels and cultural misunderstanding.

Best of all, provide consistent feedback and small rewards occasionally a job well done. Psychologists said that maids like humans do better and go the extra mile when their employers appreciate their work. 

What Are The Qualities A Maid Should Possess?

Every professional maid should be experienced and hard-working. They should also be trustworthy, loyal, flexible, and attentive.

More than anything else, a maid should also provide a sense of care and laughter to your home. Ideally, opt for maids with prior experience as caregivers or nannies to ensure that they have attentiveness and empathy.