Get more traffic to your blog by using some tips and tricks that will make you crazy with Your blog visitors and pageviews. Every blogger wants to get more and more traffic to his blog. Today, I am here with some latest tips and tricks to drive traffic to a blog. Let’s start…

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This article is very useful for getting thousands of new visitors to your blog and suggest you to start following tips from today.

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog:

The main factor we noticed that is “Building an email list” due to its powerful feature that is sending your post or article to e-mail inbox directly. At current, “WhatsApp Broadcast and Groups” are very helpful to drive an amazing traffic to your blog. Let visitors to join your whatsapp broadcast to get latest content (see below this article).

RememberKeep Making comments on latest posts on other blogs with your name and website address. There is no need of URL in comment section. Your name is enough there to get traffic from there.Traffic will come from your name. 

10 Basic Tips to Boost your Blog Traffic:

  1. Bulid  a seprate page for your blog on some social networking site like- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin,, Slideshare, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  2. Connect your blog to its page on every social networking sites (see tutorial).
  3. Build a large following list on Twitter.
  4. Use #HashTag in every twitter post.
  5. Invite your facebook friends to like your blog’s page.
  6. Join Facebook groups and comments on others post.
  7. Participate in LinkedIn groups.
  8. Try to active on social networking sites as much as possible.
  9. Don’t post only blog’s content on its page, write something else like- inspiring quotes and images etc.
  10. Share your post on Facebook with its preview.

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Top 20 Tips To Drive More Traffic to Your Blog:

  • Build an email subscriber widget from day on 1st day of blogging.
  • Place the email subscriber box at top right or top banner.
  • Create latest content and publish and spread it on social sites.
  • Link your blog and your YouTube videos and channel to each other.
  • Make your blog easy to read and add a translator to translate your content to other languages.
  • Make comments on other blogs.
  • Don’t spam with your link on other blog’s content, your name is enough there.
  • Fast Reply to comments on your blog posts
  • Make your blog easily readable on mobile devices
  • Use SEO plugin for WordPress SEO (Yoast).
  • Publish new articles regularly (at least two articles in a week)
  • Write long article with full content that will be helpful for visitors to understand everything easily.
  • Start Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Advertise on Twitter with “Promoted Accounts”.
  • Share photos with Instagram and share on Facebook and Twitter also.
  • Display your most popular posts on your blog
  • Share other bloggers content or articles on Twitter and let them know you have shared with an @blogger_username mention.
  • Link your blog to your email signature.
  • Submit your blog’s top posts to Reddit
  • Publish your articles on StumbleUpon.

Remember: Make yourself available to speak and try to reply them as fast as you can.

Last words – By above tips, you will get more traffic from  Facebook,  Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. If you really want to drive more traffic, you should follow above all tips to get more response from visitors. Now it’s your turn to share this with your friends…