The Ultimate Guide to Making Slideshows with Music

The Ultimate Guide to Making Slideshows with Music
The Ultimate Guide to Making Slideshows with Music

An excellent slideshow is key to captivating a video. A slideshow can be created using text, photos, animation, and effects. You can convert a diverse range of content into an excellent slideshow. Nowadays, slideshows have become the right way of promoting online content for both individuals and businesses. It is mainly due to a slideshow presenting information in a concise, visual format. You can check out InVideo’s slideshow maker here –

But a slideshow with only text and visuals can still fail to garner a large number of viewers. A silent slideshow creates a bland atmosphere and may bore the viewers. An excellent slideshow has relevant and captivating music in it. The main goal of creating a slideshow is to attract more viewers towards its content.

A slideshow with a hint of music catches the viewer’s attention and connects with them instantly. The music which resonates with the content of the slideshow should be preferred.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while creating the best musical slideshow –

  • Content creation

The first step to creating a perfect musical slideshow is to create equally good content. Content will be the main focus of your slideshow presentation. So prepare the content that you wish to add in the slideshow. Arrange the text, images, and videos in order. Prepare a rough draft of your content before creating a slideshow.

  • Theme and format

Good slideshows are made using a range of themes and formats. There are hundreds of slideshow themes available online. Select the one that suits your theme the most. Formats of the slideshow are based on the platform on which you are going to publish it. If you are promoting your slideshow on social media platforms, you can choose a format that complements it the most.

  • Text and styles

A slideshow without any text will be like an unattractive blank canvas. Texts add more value to the visual presentation. So it is important to have text in a slideshow. Once the text is added, you can choose the font and its size. Various fonts are available in the slideshow maker. You can select the font which suits the theme and format of the slideshow. The text colour should also match your theme and add more value to the text.

You can also keep some variation between the texts. If the text is a slogan, you can select a bright color with a bold font. Text styles bring more impressions to the content in the slideshow.

Adding Music

Once the text and visuals are entered in the slide, then you can focus on music. This is an essential step while creating the slide. You have two options for adding music here. Either you can choose music from stock or can import your preferred one. If your music resembles the content of the slide, then you are the winner here. It is because music easily connects the reader with the content. Once the reader finds that the slideshow is attractive, they will prefer to watch it with undivided interest. You can also mix two audios or create a new one. Longer music playtime should be preferred while creating a slide. Sound settings can be adjusted while adding music to the slide.

Type of Music

While making your slide presentation focus on the type of music that you are going to import. You can choose music according to the content and its theme. Silent music is preferred for realistic content such as nature or sharing life memories. You can add some high pitch music videos to describe any event or for brand promotion. Choose music that can connect with the audience. Mix and match music is also preferred nowadays as a modern version of presenting slideshows.

Special effects

Special effects are always special when they are added in a slideshow. With the help of a slideshow maker, you can add significant special effects to the content in a slide. Content such as text and images become more attractive when they are displayed using special effects. Various special effect options are available for both text and visual content. So you can choose them as per your slide theme. According to the imported music, special effects can be applied. Readers will get engaged in the content easily when special effects appear according to the music. Separate special effects sounds are also available in the slideshow maker.


The next thing is to arrange all the added content in a proper sequence. As the content is organized in a sequence, you can identify whether anything is missing for addition or not. If some part is missing, you can add it in time and then go for final drafting.

Final Edits

Once the final draft of the slide is ready for display, then you can proceed with edit work. The editing task is necessary while creating a slideshow. Editing will help you to identify and eliminate any errors found in the final draft. After editing, you can share your slideshow online.

This easy to do guide will help you in creating that perfect musical slideshow. With the help of a professional video maker, you can create a video of your slide. Video quality and settings can be adjusted with the help of a video maker. Now it’s time to promote your slideshow video!

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