The Top Tech Companies Hiring Part-Time, Remote Workers, Their Advantages and Disadvantages

The Top Tech Companies Hiring Part-Time
The Top Tech Companies Hiring Part-Time

With advancements in technology, part-time jobs that allow people to work from home are increasingly becoming popular. Employees get to enjoy remote working schedules, allowing them to spend less time in the office while remaining productive. Below in this article, we will cover the Top Tech Companies Hiring Part-Time

Statistics from FlexJobs’ annual survey shows that companies that offered flexible working options experience a low employee turnover rate. With several people seeking a better work-life balance, the demand for remote jobs which offers flexibility will continue to rise. Professionals may now take advantage of the freelance job opportunities to earn extra cash, as they become available.

Here are some of the top tech companies that are offering part-time, remote jobs.

1. is an online community where software and web developers can get hired by employers to handle various projects remotely. Whether you are a system administrator, full-stack software programmer, or mobile developer for Android and iOS, several opportunities await you on this platform. Famed for its high placement rate, this can be a great step towards achieving your career goals.

Lots of developers have found their dream remote jobs through this platform, with most of them working for industry giants like Amazon, Tesla, Cisco, and Zappos, among others. On, multiple projects are completed daily through collaboration by professionals from different geographic locations. 

Developers just need to specify their area of expertise on the network and they are matched with employers who need any of the available skills. Tech companies can eventually discuss the employment terms with the chosen professional as regards flexibility, whether it’s a full-time, part-time, or remote job.


  • It improves the ease of collaboration when working on projects.
  • protects the interests of freelancers and clients as well.
  • A great platform for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional.
  • Eliminates the stress of documentation and paperwork associated with the traditional office setting.


  • It may take longer to find a match for people with a less common skillset as software developers tend to get more offers than professionals in other related fields.

2. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a company that offers translation services, with involvement in engineering, artificial intelligence, marketing, and lots more. The company is always engaging new employees that can work full-time in an office or part-time from a remote location. 

Translation and localization services have become important for clients seeking to break new grounds and reach international audiences. The issue of language barrier no longer hinders brands from actualizing their goals as we are now seeing more multilingual websites and apps. Marketing campaigns are also being developed in multiple languages as advertisements now have a much wider reach with the help of the internet.

With a large network of experts and more opening becoming available routinely, Lionbridge will continue to be the best platform for remote job seekers. Individuals that are skilled in various fields would find this rewarding as it eliminates the stress from commuting to an onsite location every day.


  • Great working conditions for part-time, remote workers.
  • A wide variety of specialization options are available.


  • The use of emails alone for communication with management. Other means of live communication would be ideal.
  • Tedious work routines.

3. FlexProfessionals

FlexProfessionals is an online recruitment platform that helps match professionals with firms that require their services. Whether you are towing a new career path or just looking to earn extra cash, this company would go a long way in ensuring that your desire for ultimate work flexibility is achieved.

Regardless of your field of expertise, whether it is graphic design, office management, sales, content creation, copywriting, or investor relations, FlexProfessionals will be able to find a match for you. Clients love it since they can now secure excellent employees through the platform at considerable costs. 

With several experienced and well-educated professionals gaining access to better jobs that offer flexibility and other benefits that may not be obtainable in traditional office environments, making FlexProfessionals ideal for you.


  • You can find various full-time and part-time jobs with different roles within a short time.
  • If you love working on team projects, FlexProfessionals will be a great choice for you.


  • Available opportunities do not cover certain job roles.

4. The Word Point

Another online translation and localization service provider are TheWordPoint which is known to offer support for over 100 languages. Its service rates are affordable which is why they have become a household name in every industry.

The team of experienced professional translators working with TheWordPoint ensures that clients get value for their money within the shortest possible time. These translators are hired from different parts of the world to offer editing, localization, proofreading services, and more. They work remotely with flexible schedules and satisfactory payment rates that make it one of the top companies to consider for part-time jobs.


  • You can start translating immediately after you sign up and pass the required tests.
  • The entire system is not complicated and the payment process is easy, as you can cash out whenever you want.
  • Bidding for available projects in a wide range of subjects is possible. 


  • You have to write and pass both English-UK and English-US tests which are completely different to get more projects in the language.
  • Projects in certain topics pay more than others, which seems unfair to certain people.

5. Aviacode

Surgical centers, healthcare facilities, and other medical groups that require medical coding and auditing services look to Aviacode for professionals that can meet these needs. All listings on the platform are remote, requiring services of certified medical coders that are up to date with current technological trends and innovations that are relevant in the healthcare industry.

Aviacode strives to deliver excellent services with improved workflow and billing processes that are free from errors. The implementation of cloud-based coding solutions ensures that clinical documentation among other important aspects of medical professionalism is improved. Bringing together creative minds from different parts of the world to remotely engage in nursing and medical coding with flexible work routines have made Aviacode popular among experts in the industry.


  • 100 percent remote project listings.
  • Supportive management and flexible work schedules that improve productivity.
  • Great platform for learning.


  • The rules surrounding communication with teammates are quite stiff due to privacy and security reasons.
  • Although the pay is not bad, an increase would be great.

Your main objective should be finding a good job that can offer professional satisfaction, whether it is full-time or part-time. Although the benefits that remote jobs provide is tremendous, you must also consider the disadvantages as you pick the one that suits you.

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