The Latest SEO Trends That Are Everywhere in 2023

SEO Trends

Even with all the new platforms on the internet today, search stands above the rest as one of the best traffic sources. Reports show that 53.3% of all web traffic comes from search engines. With numbers like that, you can’t afford to stay behind the curve with your SEO abilities.

Knowing the latest SEO trends is critical to retaining the top Google rankings. Below are the latest trends in 2023 that will help you build the best SEO campaign possible.

Rich Text Snippets

Google doesn’t just show search results anymore. Search engines want users to find information as quickly as possible. As a result, Google now displays text snippets from websites in the search results.

Although this means less room to rank on the front page, it also means you can shortcut the ranking process. If you create informative content that Google can use, your website can get those snippets. See which websites currently have rich text snippets and create content that’s better than what exists to try and win them.

Page Quality

Although content quality and search intent are still the primary drivers of search engine traffic, they aren’t the only things anymore. Google doesn’t want searchers to have poor experiences when visiting websites. They want websites to perform well and offer a great user experience.

Google released the Core Web Vitals algorithm update a while ago, and today, it plays a role in ranking your website on Google. Build a great user experience and focus on speed to offer a great experience. Check out Google’s website performance checkers to see what you have to work on.

Topical Authority

Google wants to rank authorities on the first page of Google. That’s why the search algorithm now looks more in-depth at websites to determine if they are an authority on a subject. 

These considerations make it important to cover a topic from every angle possible. Don’t just focus on high-value keywords. Cover all the related keywords and link the pages together to create a topic cluster for your website.

View recent SEO campaign examples to see how other web admins handle topical authority.

Predictive Search

Google has a new product that’s been sending traffic to websites. It acts as a predictive search. Instead of people searching for information, Google automatically surfaces that information to users.

It does this with Google Discover. It’s still new, so people don’t know much about how it works. However, it’s something to keep your eye on in the next year.

Once people determine how it works, it may be a good source of traffic when you can optimize your website to start appearing there.

Watch the Latest SEO Trends

SEO didn’t always move that fast. You had an update that you needed to deal with every couple of years, but that was it. These days, it seems like there are several updates each year.

You can’t ignore SEO trends if you want to rank on Google. Pay attention to the marketing trends above to keep your SEO game sharp.

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