The largest state-owned companies in the US

 state-owned companies in the US

Meet the most important companies financed by the US government

The United States is a country known for its wealth; one of the factors that help sustain the economy of one of the world’s greatest powers is entrepreneurship. Businessmen, from all over the world, feel confident to invest in American territory, and therefore the government also invests in this environment so that the internal economy is not exclusive to private institutions.

Government investment in companies helps the country’s economic growth, guaranteeing an institution that has all its profits invested within the country of origin, without going through an owner, because, in this case, the owner of the company is the country itself. Many private institutions in the United States are famous because they are big names in world entrepreneurship; the same logic does not fail to apply in state-owned companies.

Private and state-owned companies have a lot in common, but state-owned companies offer something that private companies cannot: banking benefits. State-owned companies have discounts on rates and interest at banks, loans for federal employees have interest rates below the market average. In addition to these benefits, we will address, in this article, which are the most famous state-owned companies and how they work.


United States Postal Service is a service for delivering and sending mail and products, a courier that belongs to the US government. Although the United States has several private companies that provide postal service, the country offers a state option for those who want to request the service, the difference between the USA and other countries on the American continent is the diversity of options, so people are not obliged to use a particular service, because there is no other alternative.


National Park Services is a government company that maintains all public parks in the United States. The institution is responsible for nature conservation, ensuring the well-being of fauna and flora, maintaining services available to the public, access to outdoor activities, and ensuring moments of leisure without being connected with companies and private services, but, if any company wants to have its services in an American park, it needs a government authorization.


National Railroad Passenger Corporation is a United States rail service that is exclusively for the transportation of passengers. Despite being a US government company, Amtrak also operates in Canada; it is a rail service that makes short trips within the US territory, but also provides long-distance trips in up to nine Canadian cities.


Federal Prison Industries is a government corporation responsible for the services of the American penal system. The FPI has among its obligations the provision of services and employment to convicted persons who normally have difficulty finding work after imprisonment. So, the FPI offers professional training within the prison so that prisoners have a profession after serving their sentence.


Avaya is an American communications service that provides services within and outside the United States. Avaya provides services in other countries, but, even being in foreign territory, it is a company that belongs to the US government. Avaya’s communication market is connected to the technology, that was the first service provided by the company and continues to be one of the main means of operation.

In this article, we discuss the main US state-owned companies and what services are offered to the public. The United States government has companies in all areas of activity in the market, totaling more than 35,000 state-owned companies. It is important to note that the government manages companies that aim to provide essential services for the well-being of people.