The kind Of Clothes and Jewelry Vikings Wore

There is not much history available about the clothes of the Vikings. The archeologists have found very small pieces of clothes. The main source of their clothing is from written as well as small tapestries and figures. However, they wear clothes according to their age, gender, and status. The women of the Vikings usually wore dresses over undergarments and the men wear tunics and trousers. The material used to make the clothes were normally flax, and wool. It has also seen that clothes are woven by women. Below in this article, we will cover The kind Of Clothes and Jewelry Vikings Wore.

The kind Of Clothes and Jewelry Vikings Wore
The kind Of Clothes and Jewelry Vikings Wore


Just like today, the wealthy Vikings too wear imported clothes. The people who are rich and wealthy usually wear clothes made of gold threads and silk which was imported from other parts such as Byzantium. Moreover, these people do like to wear jewelry to show their wealth. Do you want to buy a Norse necklace? Then visit norse necklace store to find some unique and beautiful necklace for your wife.

Women Clothes

The Viking lady usually wore a dress with some undergarments. Strap dresses are very common in the Viking women. This dress was made of a material called coarsely. The pieces then are sewn together to give it a proper shape. Moreover, the dress was usually fitted to the size of the women. The dress is usually fit by using straps on each shoulder. Moreover, these straps are then tightening up using a broch at the front. Moreover, under every dress, the Viking women wore a smock or undergarment. It has also been seen that the Swedish Viking women prefer pleated undergarments. On the other hand, the Danish women wear plain undergarments.

The use of cloak over the shoulders was also very common in Viking women. Their cloaks were matched with the clothes and usually decorated with bands of fur.  Moreover, the women also have a purse tight to a belt around their waist. When it comes to shoes, they wear shoes made of leather.


The children of the Viking usually wear dresses the same as their parents. The material used was the same as their parents use. Young boys usually wear trousers and tunics and the young girls wear a smock.

Male Clothing

The Viking men also wear tunics and trousers along with a cloak. The tunics were a type of shirt without any buttons on it. Normally, the length of the tunics goes down to the knees. The men also wear a cloak that is fastened with a brooch.  The cloak goes over the arm of the man that he is going to drew his ax or sword with. You can also take a guess from the cloak that a Viking man was left-handed or right-handed.

When it comes to trousers, we do not have much information about it. They may be just of simple style gathered up under the knee. Moreover, they use the puttees wound and socks to give their length warmth. Moreover, they wear leather boots and shoes on their feet. We have not found any kind of pocket in their clothing. That is because they wear a belt around their waist where a wallet was attached with a string. A knife was also attached to the belt. As of the purse, it was used to carry various things like coins, comb, etc. Men also used to wear caps on their heads that were usually made of skin or other material.

Do you know that in the Viking age, the waterproof clothes also exist?  They use to wear clothes made of skin and treated with fish oil and beeswax to make them soft and waterproof.