The flight path in World of Warcraft Classic

The flight path in World of Warcraft Classic
The flight path in World of Warcraft Classic

There are many things in the World of Warcraft classic game that is fun to experience, and Flightpath is one of that thing.  It is the primary source to travel from one point to another in the game. Below in this article, we will cover the information about The flight path in World of Warcraft Classic.

The flight points is a transportation connection among multiples fixed paths which are used by the user to travel. 

Alliance used Gryphons, which is present in the Hinterlands and Hippogryphs for the primary mean of transportation. On the other hand, Horde uses Wyverns.

Flightpath Guide

A flight path is controlled by a flight master that is a non-profitable character in the World of Warcraft game. You need to go to the flight master in order to discover the flight path.

The Flight master will guide you about the path and will permit the user to travel from one area to another. In case there is any flight path that a flight master can teach to the user, a green sign will rise on the head of the master. 

The user can see the sign on the mini-map. Once you are familiar with a flight path it is considered as a location by all masters on the specific continent. 

However In case, you don’t know about the flight paths among multiples far locations, you can still travel through them, but the user will not be able to land at that location. 

Moreover, the flight path is indicated by different color codes on the world map. The color code of Horde will be red, for Alliance, it will be blue, and for a neutral, it will be gold color. The player will not be able to see the flight of the enemy player.

The Flightmaster may demand various items from the player which the player can get with the help of World of Warcraft classic gold. You can purchase Classic WoW gold safe online or from a trusted person.

This WOWC gold is worth it and will help you get a lot of new things in the game. 

Flightpath speed and cost

Furthermore, the user has to pay some cost for a flight path in the game. There is a distinct cost for a different path. 

This cost can depend on the reputation of a player with the flight master and can reduce to 5 to 20 percent due to this factor. These flight path also has a different speed than letting the user reach the location much faster in comparison to a normal move. 

For example, Cataclysm paths transfer at 434 percent of the running speed while the unbuffed master flying speed percentage is 310. These flight paths take some extraordinary turn that let it reach the final location much faster.

Flightmaster attack

In case the flight masters encounter any attach for the enemy members, they will turn to a level of 110 elite that will help to defend themselves for the enemy.  

For a Horde flight master, it will become Enraged Wyverns, and for Alliance, it will be Enraged Hippogryphs. 

The flight masters will never attack the enemy’s player first, but if the enemy player attacks the master, then they will defend themselves and defeat the enemy player. So there is no need or advantage of attacking the master in the World of Warcraft Classic game.


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