Unveiling The Best Kamado Cookers and Their Features

Kamado Cookers

Grilling season is officially upon us. As winter’s chill gradually melts away, warm weather is flooding the nation. In its wake, millions of people are gearing up for backyard barbecues, al fresco dinners, family reunions, and other outdoor cooking events to come. Of course, grilling has evolved over the years. Today, standard grills seem a bit outdated to some people with so many other options now being on the market.

Kamado cookers have skyrocketed to fame in recent years. They can help take cookouts to the next level, offering a great deal more versatility than basic traditional equipment. These cookers are actually a tradition in their own right, dating back thousands of years. They’ve experienced a revival, though, and several varieties are now at the public’s disposal. With so many models available, comparing different kamado cookers is the key to finding the right one. 

The Big Green Egg

One of the first kamado cookers that comes to mind is the Big Green Egg. This company essentially pioneered the modern kamado market. It has produced several models that are perfect for different grilling needs and various sizes of crowds. Big Green Egg models are known for their longevity, insulative proficiency, and accessories, among other strong suits. Their versatility is also highly touted as numerous culinary delights can be produced via these amped-up members of the grill family. 

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is another frontrunner in this portion of the market. This company, too, offers an array of kamado cookers to choose from. Each one caters to specific outdoor cooking expectations. With different sizes available, it’s possible for Kamado Joe owners to cater to various crowds as well. They offer more features than some other brands, such as standard varying heat zones in some models. That allows users to cook different types of foods at the same time without struggling with the hurdles that tend to arise with basic grills. 

Char-Broil Kamander

Char-Broil has built a reputation in the outdoor cooking world. Having been in business for nearly 80 years, the company is known for both gas and charcoal grills. At this point, it has also developed a charcoal kamado cooker. Char-Broil’s Kamander is a bit less expensive than other options on the market, but it has been deemed one of the best in its price range. Though it doesn’t come with all the features of more expensive brands, it has ample insulative power, versatility, and a side table as well as other amenities. 

Akorn Kamado

Like the Kamander, the Akorn is a charcoal kamado cooker. It falls on the lower end of the price spectrum and could be considered pretty basic by today’s standards. That doesn’t mean it’s not up to par with other options, though. It’s a sturdy model that offers much of the flexibility people expect from a kamado cooker. Owners say it offers ample quality and durability while performing along the same lines as more expensive brands. Though it doesn’t have all the features of other models, it’s certainly an affordable choice and may be the perfect one for people who are new to kamado cooking. 

Finding the Perfect Kamado Cooker

Those are some of the most noteworthy kamado cookers on the market right now. Each one offers its own benefits. Some are more expensive and boast more features than others, but all of them are more than adequate for outdoor chefs. Consider the advantages and features of these models to help find the perfect addition to any outdoor cooking repertoire.