The Best Coding Tools for C#

Coding Tools for C#

When it comes to programming languages to learn, you hear a lot about Python, Javascript, and Go. Yet, if you look at those same Top 10 or Top 11 lists, you’ll almost always find C# on the list.

No, it’s almost never at the top of the list, but it’s always on there. Why? It’s an incredibly useful programming language.

You’ll see it for coding in game development, app development, and even VR. If you’re just getting started, though, you’re probably wondering about the best coding tools for C#. Keep reading for our overview of the best C# tools.

VS Code

For anyone with even a little experience in coding, you have almost certainly heard of VS code, even if you don’t use it. It’s one of the most popular IDEs or integrated development environments out there today.

One reason it’s so popular is that it supports so many programming languages, including C#. It also runs on Windows, Mac, and several variations of Linux. That makes VS code a key coding tool for anyone working with C#.

VS Code Extensions

Just as importantly, VS Code has a vast number of C#-specific extensions that dramatically increase its functionality. For example, you can get the JQuery Code Snippets extension which will likely increase your efficiency.

One area where VS code falls short is with its debugging tools. For that, you’ll probably want to upgrade to the paid version of Visual Studio.

Cake Build

While IDEs are powerful tools that make life easier, there’s more to C# than simple coding. Once you write the code, you must go through the build process.

Cake Build helps you automate aspects of the build process such as:

  • Code compiling
  • Unit testing
  • File compression
  • Package building

Cake build remains popular, in part, because it’s an open-source tool that supports C#. That keeps costs down, particularly for independent coders working on their own projects.

Other Tools

While you’ll probably spend most of your time inside an IDE or a tool like Cake build, there are some other tools you should know about.

From time to time, you might need to decompile some code. For that, you’ll want a tool like dotPeek that converts things like .NET assemblies into more accessible C# code.

You may also run into instances where you need something like C#-compatible optical character recognition. For that, you’d look for a tool like LeadTools OCR.

Picking Your Coding Tools for C#

Picking your coding tools for C# is about balancing popularity against personal preferences. Popular coding tools are almost popular for good reasons, like usability or important extensions. Plus, employers often default to popular tools.

On the flip side, working in an IDE or a build tool you hate is a great way to make yourself stop coding. While you should at least try out popular options like VS Code and Cake Build, take time to play with other options to see if you like them better.

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