Teething Period – How to Relieve Baby’s Sore Gums

Teething Period – How to Relieve Baby’s Sore Gums
Teething Period – How to Relieve Baby’s Sore Gums

When babies turn six or eight months, teething usually starts. This is the phase when parents, especially mothers, worry about the pain their young children are going through. Below in this article, we cover the information about Teething Period – How to Relieve Baby’s Sore Gums.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine, this process of teeth growth is expected to end when babies are already 30 months old. This is the time when all of their 20 teeth have already come out.

If you would look at the teething timeline, it means that babies really suffer for a long time. This is period lasts at least 24 months or two years. During this time, what should parents do to relieve the pain? 

There are several remedies you may consider to help your babies ease the pain. Some of them are the following:

Cold Object

You may give your little ones a cold object to help them relieve the pain. Since they love to chew on anything, a cold rubber teether would do wonders. Make sure, however, that the teether you are giving is not filled with liquid and easily breakable. Medical experts like those from https://www.thesfdentist.com/ also advise that no frozen objects must be given to teething babies.

Cold Food

When the babies are already eating solids, you could try giving them cold yogurt. This is not only healthy for their tummy, but it helps soothe the pain, hence, making them feel better. 

Pain Medicines

If your babies are becoming cranky and fussy, you may let them take painkillers. Be sure, though, that the one you are giving them is safe. You can opt for acetaminophen or ibuprofen. The medicine can be given at bedtime so that they can sleep.

Amber Bracelet

Another effective pain reliever is the amber teething bracelet. This is a jewelry that may look good on your little ones, but, that is not really its purpose. 

The main objective of letting your babies wear this is to manage the pain. The natural analgesic it contains reduces the discomfort. Apart from that, it likewise puts a stop to their drooling while teething. 

The amber teething bracelet works by releasing its natural analgesic with the help of the babies’ body heat.

Its effects can be felt within just a few days or three weeks. It actually depends on how quick the succinic acid (a natural analgesic) would build up.

Important Reminders

  • There are certain things you need to consider when letting your beloved little humans wear this piece of beneficial jewelry. 
  • First, make sure that you are getting the genuine article. There have been reports that some sellers are scamming customers by selling fakes. Thus, you will never be able to experience its benefits if what you are buying is a counterfeit.
  • Second, check the size. You have to ensure that the size of the bracelet is neither too tight nor too loose for your babies’ arm. When it is too tight, it could harm their skin. And when it is too loose, they might choke on it.
  • To make the bracelet last for years, avoid exposing it to chemicals as well as to shampoo, soap, and lotion.