How Can I Get Paid for Taking Care of a Loved One at Home?

Taking Care of a Loved One at Home

Taking care of a loved one at home can feel like a thankless task.  Add the financial burden of having more out-of-pocket expenses, missing work, or even having to quit a job or lower your hours, and you have created a recipe for stress.  

If you find yourself in this situation, you can get paid for taking care of a loved one if you know where to look for help. It will require some research and effort on your part but could be the key to continuing to care for your loved one at home, instead of having to consider a health care facility. Let us help you know where to start looking.

Medicaid Services

Understanding the ins and outs of anything Medicaid can feel overwhelming. There are Self Directed and Home and Community-Based Services programs available to offer financial support.  Each state has its own name for these programs, so it’s important to contact your state’s Medicaid program for specifics.

If your loved one qualifies for Self Directed Services there will be people to help walk you through the process of setting it up:

  • Assessment: The medical and financial needs of your loved one will be outlined. 
  • Planning: This is where all the details will be spelled out to make sure the needs of your loved one are met. It will cover medical needs, daily caregiving needs, who will be giving care, contingency plans, and more.
  • Budgeting: if there are any financial needs this is where that will be outlined. 
  • Selection: Once the plan is set, a caregiver is chosen. As you decide who the caregiver should be, keep in mind that being a caregiver is a multi-faceted job. Check out this page to get a better idea of an ideal caregiver.

Home and Community-Based Services are waivers that can help pay for care and support services. These waivers can allow you to get paid for taking care of a loved one as they offer help for those who are not residing in a care facility. 

Veterans Aid

If your loved one is a Veteran there are programs specifically in place so you can figure out how to get paid taking care of them. If they qualify for VA insurance they can apply for a similar Self Directed Program. Veterans receiving a pension can apply for Aid and Attendance benefits that will supplement their pension with funds to compensate a caregiver. 

Other Considerations

There are other questions to ask your loved one and family to make sure you are covering all your bases:

  • Does your loved one have a Long Term Care Insurance policy that provides caregiver compensation?
  • Does your work offer paid leave for caregivers?
  • Is the family willing to pitch in and pay you for being the main caregiver?
  • Are there tax deductions and credits available to you?

Taking Care of a Loved One at Home

Now that you know where to start looking to get paid for taking care of a loved one at home, don’t hesitate to start! Many of these programs take time to get the paperwork processed and approved. 

Decide which option is going to be the best for your loved one and get started today!

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