Do you know your blog‘s Alexa rank? Yes! it matters in most of the cases if you are going to start a career in Blogging. Today I will discuss all things about Alexa that will help you to submit site to Alexa and it’s features like Blog or website rank checker or keywords checker. So guys, sit relax and we will discuss Alexa rank checker tool that is totally free for all users.

submit site to Alexa rank checker tool free

What is Alexa?

Alexa Internet, Inc was founded as an independent company in 1996 and it is a California-based company that provides commercial web traffic data, website rank and analytics. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of from 1996.

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You can find some important information through Alexa, such as-

  • Traffic details (country wise)
  • Website rank (global and country level)
  • Website’s keywords
  • Description and contct details
  • Total sites linking to it
  • Categories
  • Website’s audience (country & age level)
  • Visitors from search engines.

How To Submit Site to Alexa & Use Alexa Rank Checker Tool

1) Open

2) Now, if you are from desktop or laptop, you will see a text-box with a find option.

submit site to Alexa rank checker tool free

3) For mobile devices only: If you are from a mobile device, you will see a ‘Menu’ option at top (above header of Alexa). Click on menu, you will find some menu from that. Now type your desired website into that text-box and click on find option and wait for seconds only.

submit site to Alexa Rank Checker Tool Free

Note- When you will start to type a website name, Alexa will suggest you some matching websites name and you can select your ones.

Last words – We highly recommend you to submit site to alexa and check your Alexa rank for your blog or website and know about your keywords, traffic details and about your audience to target in future with better articles or content. We hope this article helped you a lot for getting all points. Now, its your turn to share this article with your friends.