How should you study physics for class 10th?

A branch of science, physics is a very important subject, especially for the students who are pursuing science in their graduation. It is a subject that needs understanding and logical thinking. The problems that one faces in physics for class 10th require quick thinking and the ability to solve them step-by-step. Regular practice is mandatory to have a grip on the subject.

Class 10 Physics has many chapters that are interesting to read and know about. Students should learn the skills thoroughly to make their basic concepts and fundamentals strong. This will be a great help for the students taking science in 11 and 12 grades. 

physics for class 10th
physics for class 10th

Physics Syllabus 

  1. Light Reflection and Refraction.
  2. The Human Eye And The Colourful World
  3. Electricity
  4.  Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current
  5.  Sources Of Energy
  6. Our Environment
  7.  Management of Natural Resources

 Physics is a vast subject, nevertheless, it can be very easy if one can adopt the concepts and the fundamentals. Remember, physics is an important subject and you can score high marks very easily here. 

Physics also consists of a number of mathematical problems. Hence, apart from studying the theories,  it is also easy to score because there are problems involved, which are straightforward.  But if students face difficulty in mathematics they might face the problem here. However, nothing is impossible and practice makes a man perfect. So rigorous practice becomes imperative. Now, if you are wondering how to study Physics in Class 10th? Keep reading some simple and effective tips.

How To Study Physics For Class 10th?

The main aspects of physics are theoretical aspects. The concepts of the theory need to be understood thoroughly in order to solve the mathematical problems in physics. It is very clear that one cannot memorize the problems, but the best way to be good at problem-solving is to have theoretical knowledge. Understanding what the theory aspect of physics talks about can be helpful in understanding how to solve the mathematical problems you face in physics. Once you have understood the principles, make sure you keep practising. 


There are many concepts in Physics where the explanations are done via equations. The equations are vital in solving the problems. Hence, it is mandatory for you to memorize all the equations. But, don’t try to consume everything at a time. Take it slow. There is a way to learn the equation. You can take a few days and memorize it. Once you have done so, write it and see if you have got it right. 

Derivations and analyzing the problems

It is very important to know clearly how the equations are derived. They are both simple and complex. If you get the concepts of the derivations it becomes easier for you to analyze the problems, understanding which equations you must use. 


Physics has numerous drawings and graphics. You can always make use of them to understand the concepts more thoroughly.

Correct units to be mentioned

Make sure to mark the correct units in every problem. Even if the numerical value is right and you have not mentioned the unit you will not score any marks. So, recheck this after doing a problem. 

Reading and studying

Keep reading the Vedantu cbse class 10 science notes pdf  to understand and to get clarity. All the chapters are very important as you cannot skip and go to the next chapter as you will lose the link and will not understand. 

 Learning the definitions and equations

Whenever you are reading a chapter make a note of the equations and the definitions and understand them. Some definitions are to be memorized. The best way to memorize is to repeatedly read the definitions or equations. 

Physics and Maths

Physics involves lots of mathematical concepts. If you are good at maths, physics becomes much easier. So, if math is your favourite subject, make sure you apply the same logical head while doing physics problems. 

Needs time and focus 

Physics needs time and focus without any interruption. It is very important to switch off your mobile phones or television and completely get involved in the subject.

Long study hours

Physics can be time-consuming and needs time to complete the chapters and understand the problems. Therefore, study in small duration and with breaks. 

Making Notes

While reading the chapters make notes of the definitions and the equations. Try to solve the example problems given in the chapter. Since they will have the solutions present, it will be useful as you can compare the answers. Once you have read the chapter review and try to recollect what you have read and the theoretical concepts of the chapter.

Reviewing the chapters

It is not possible to remember by just reading once, especially with the definitions and the equations. Whenever you are starting the next session review what you have done previously. If you have worked on some problems, check and glance at how you have done and what equitation you have used. This will help you remember for a long time.

Tips to study more effective 

  1. You know the chapters present so plan accordingly
  2. Have a designated study area
  3. Solve the sample question papers and practise problems given in the NCERT solutions
  4. Study in small sessions and with breaks
  5. Give importance to the equations and the definitions
  6. Make use of graphical methods to understand the problems

Physics is a subject that needs actual dedication and interest. Having a study plan and following the tips, as well as studying regularly after understanding the concept can help you score well in class 10 exams.

Physics is an interesting subject only if you understand the basic concepts and fundamentals. There are a variety of mathematical problems involved. So, learn to keep practising. Devote as much time as possible and remember, memorize the equations and definitions.