Strategies To Writing The Perfect College Essay

College Essay

Writing the perfect college essay certainly takes time but it’s not an impossible task when you think about it. Of course, producing a good essay is time consuming – you need to give it some time, otherwise, you might not be able to keep your quality intact. But there are certain strategies that can really help you to meet deadlines at your own pace.

Yep, there are multiple strategies that professional writers frequently use to meet deadlines. So why can’t you use the same strategies to make the right impact? And that is precisely why we are here to help you – scroll down to read about the top strategies that will help you to write the perfect college essay.

Strategies To Writing The Perfect College Essay:

While writing Fresh Essays might take a little more, recycling your old essays appears to be the easier route. But trust us, don’t do that – it will not just affect your quality negatively, it will also create a bad impression on your work if you are caught. And god knows what repercussions you will face!

So without wasting any more time, scroll down and find out the best strategies that will help you to write the perfect college essay!

1. Be Authentic

Did you know that readers can actually sense when you are being original? So, it’s best to align yourself to viewpoints that adhere to who you actually are – if your views do not match with those you are representing, then your reader will definitely know, and that’s something we all would love to avoid.

Write with your own natural voice, express your sense of humor, and stick to your beliefs. Whatever topic you select, it’s best that you pick something which genuinely moves you. Of course, you can write about an experience or a hobby and all things positive, but you can also write about your weaknesses – it’s all about honesty and authenticity.

2. Capture The Reader From The Beginning

When you are writing a college essay, you are competing with several other applicants, and your essay becomes really vital in that case. In that case, capturing your reader’s interest from the very beginning is perhaps your best shot. The best way to do that is starting your essay with an anecdote, or a sentence, or even a paragraph.

This start can be a thought-provoking quote or a bold statement, or even a descriptive scene. A powerful start with an established thesis statement always works wonders for your essays, and we are talking from personal experience. If you aim to tell a good story, then a bold start is your best shot!

3. Take An Out-Of-The-Box Approach

If you want your college essay to stand out, then you have to take an approach that is different – an approach that is unique and out-of-the-box. For instance, while others might talk at length about their wins and achievements, you can talk about your struggles, your weaknesses, and your losses.

While taking the road not taken, it is vital that you stay away entirely from themes that have been used again and again. Themes of volunteer stories, sports-related obstacles, and immigration tales have all been used several times. And while you can always play safe, sometimes, taking one small risk can prove to be a big payout for you.

4. Prioritize Deeper Themes

If you thought you could talk about figures, facts, and descriptions and impress College admissions, then let us break your bubble. It won’t be that easy – always remember, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, like you writing an essay to impress the same admissions board.

If you are not really taking any different approach to your essay, then you can definitely resort to using deeper themes. Write about your successes, the obstacles that you have faced so far, or even your everyday struggles. Let your readers know about the soccer games you played against all adversity and then emerged victorious.

5. End The Essay With A Kicker

Your college essay needs a powerful ending, just like a bold start is important in the beginning. That way, you can guarantee you have done everything you could possibly do from your end. But how do you end your essay with the perfect ‘kicker?’ Think about a punchline, a statement, or even a paragraph to tie things together in the end.

Sometimes, answering the question that was initially asked can be the perfect ending to any essay. But that one doesn’t always work out. If you have taken a storytelling approach to your college essay, then in that case, you can definitely do the revealing in the end – play with a few surprise elements and see them weave magic.

6. Don’t Repeat

While writing your college essay, if there’s one thing that you need to avoid desperately, then that most definitely is repetition. Whatever you do, don’t repeat things you have already mentioned. When you start repeating your points, your reader immediately becomes aware that you are out of words.

And that’s precisely what nobody wants their readers to find, especially if their readers are sitting on the admissions board of their dream college. This also holds true for stories, quotes, and anecdotes you have already mentioned once in your essay – don’t repeat them in other sections.

7. Write From The Reader’s Perspective

Now, this is perhaps the most important strategy here. When you are writing your college essay, don’t think about yourself as the reader – forget about yourself at this stage. Take a few minutes and think about your readers – who will read your college essay? Now, start writing from your reader’s perspective.

So, when you do that, you are actually delivering exactly what the reader wants to read. When we read something that aligns with how our thought processes work, it’s only normal that we like it. And in this case, your readers will most likely love your college essay – and that’s pretty cool!

And It’s A Wrap!

And that’s a wrap on the best strategies for writing the perfect college essay. What are your thoughts on these strategies? Do you think these strategies will work? Tell us – while sharing your thoughts, don’t forget to share your favorite strategies for writing the perfect college essay!