6 Strategies to Play Cube Solitaire and Beat Your Opponents

Play Cube Solitaire

Card game lovers across the globe enjoy Cube Solitaire. The game is one of the oldest, and even though it appears to be simple on the surface, there are mind-bending surprises hidden within the card game. Without the right strategy and skills, you can’t hope to beat your opponent. 

To make things worse, strategies alone won’t work. You have to practice the game several times to gain confidence. You might face difficult situations during the game, and only through practice, perseverance, and observation skills can you win the game. That’s what makes Cube Solitaire an engaging and intriguing game. What’s more, you can even earn money by playing your favorite card game. Of course, ensure you reside in a state that doesn’t restrict you from playing games where you can earn cash prizes and rewards. 

You can download Cube Solitaire and play cube solitaire now if you are confident of your card game skills. However, if you wish to maximize your chances of beating your opponents and winning the game, here are a few tips and tricks. 

1. Target the larger stacks to reveal hidden cards

You cannot move ahead in the game if you don’t expose the hidden cards. For that, you need to first focus on the larger stacks. When you tackle the larger stacks, you stand a chance to reveal several useful cards that you can use during the game. However, you must remember that you can only use revealed cards, and therefore, the more cards you can expose at the shortest possible time, it’ll improve your chances of winning the game. 

2. Flip the card of the first deck before moving on to the other decks 

The trick may seem obvious and simple, but many gamers are guilty of not flipping over the first hidden card in the upper deck. You must not start to build your piles or begin moving around your cards without flipping the upper deck’s card. If you adhere to this advice, you will gain extra options for building piles below or building foundation decks. 

In Cube Solitaire, the player with the most options wins. So, always try to get as many options as possible before the timer runs out. 

3. No column should be empty

In Cube Solitaire, there’s nothing as an empty spot. If a spot is empty, you cannot fill the spot unless you reveal a King. The rules of the game suggest only Kings can fill empty spots. 

A lot of players make the mistake of emptying the entire column by removing the cards. So, if the spot stays empty, you are risking blocking an entire column. Therefore, you must always place a King and never leave a slot empty. 

The online version of Cube Solitaire is a fast-paced game, and it lasts for only about five minutes. You cannot take a huge risk as keeping an entire column empty hoping to reveal a King card. Your goal must be to build up foundations in the suit and sequence. Even if you can finish one or two columns within that time while your opponent gets stuck, it’ll be a win for you. 

4. When filling a slot, keep in mind the color of the card 

In Cube Solitaire, selecting a black or a red King is an important decision and one that can impact your game. Whatever color you choose will dictate the color order for a particular pile. You cannot change the color order throughout the game. So, you need to take into consideration what Queen and Jack cards are available to you so that you can stack them as the game proceeds. 

5. Always move cards around with a good reason 

You might feel tempted to shuffle your cards from one pile to the next and build them slowly. But you may find it difficult to maneuver cards in the game if you get yourself locked. That’s typically the result when gamers lock the valuable cards of different colors behind lower cards. Ask any pro player, and they’ll tell you what a disastrous idea it is!

So, focus on moving cards when there’s a reason. If you don’t find a good reason, take a deep breath and study the screen in front of you. Then, move cards that give you a benefit and increase your chances of winning the game. 

6. Building ace stacks is not the wisest decision 

When you move cards above the main slot or to the upper ace foundations, you are causing problems for yourself. What will you do if you need those cards for your piles below? You’ll be stuck, and before you know it, your five minutes will be up. 

It would help if you remained calm and carefully thought before making any move. The cards that you move into the ace stacks might not be moved easily as the game progresses. As a result, you might find yourself stuck in a losing situation, unable to make any moves. Nobody would want to find themselves in such a situation, especially during the last few minutes of the game. 

Additional tip: play the ace when you reveal it 

As you reveal an ace card from the pile, don’t wait to play them. You must immediately play the card. Don’t waste drawing more cards from the pile. Playing the revealed ace card immediately is one of the best moves in Cube Solitaire. 


Cube Solitaire is one of the most intriguing and engaging games you can play on your mobile devices. The game will keep you hooked for hours, and if you master the rules and strategies, you stand to win real cash prizes and rewards, along with great pride in beating your opponents. So, download the game right away and start by practicing the free games before joining contests and tournaments.