Want To Stop Carrying Your Business Phone All The Time? Here’s How You Can Have Two Numbers In One Phone?

Want To Stop Carrying Your Business Phone All The Time? Here’s How You Can Have Two Numbers In One Phone?

Stop Carrying Your Business Phone

Let’s just admit it. It’s frustrating to carry to phones all the time. Perhaps a few years ago, it was still considered a status symbol because it means you’re too important to just share your personal number carelessly.

But today, it’s different. Not only has it lost its touch as a status symbol, but it’s also slowly becoming an indication of inefficiency.

Think of it this way. Would you be impressed by someone walking around with a music player, a phone, a calculator, and a stopwatch? Definitely not when all of those are all readily available on your smartphone.

And you too must keep up with the times. That’s why Freeje is offering a solution that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds (your personal and business life) in just one phone: the virtual sim.

A quick intro on the virtual sim

Normally, you get your sim from your phone service provider. You pop it in your phone, then connect with the world. And for a long time, that’s the only way to do it. 

With a virtual sim, there’s no physical sim that you use to make it work. It’s cloud-based. Meaning, you can get a number like how you would buy digital products like e-books.

It’s an evolution of the regular sim card. It does so much more, and you’ll find out about these additional features later on.

How does this help you get two numbers on your device?

You don’t need another sim slot to get another number. Although a lot of phones right now don’t support virtual sims, all you need is an app from where you got it, and you’re good to go.

Will that change any time soon? Perhaps, but for us, it doesn’t matter. Because while using the app, it would be as if you’re using another phone altogether.

Sure, you can get a phone with double sim slots. But would that really be better? All your messages and calls would be in one place, preventing you from organizing your professional life from your personal life.

What do you get with it?

As the upgraded version of its antiquated counterpart, you can expect to access more features that are only possible with the internet.

Get to use the number on the device of your choice

As long as that device can support the app, you can use the number. But doing this upgrade doesn’t just give you this freedom. It also lets you use the number with multiple devices at the same time.

So for you, this means getting to answer texts and calls using the device most convenient to you at that time.

Keep your privacy forever

Keep your privacy forever

When networking, you won’t be forced to give out your personal number on our business card.

Being out and about doesn’t mean foregoing privacy, especially not when simple yet effective solutions exist for this problem.

Route the number to your personal number

For simplicity, some prefer to route outgoing and incoming connections to their personal number. That’s something you can do as well.

This way, it will feel like you’re using just one number because you can just call or text as usual.

Should you get one?

Definitely! Especially if you want to:

  • Save money

Save money

You don’t need to buy another phone and pay for another subscription plan with your phone service provider. This means a lot of money that you could instead spend on yourself or on your next venture.

  • Carry just one phone instead of two

Imagine forgetting your business phone just as you check in to your flight for a client meeting. That would be a nightmare! Especially if you’re higher up in the corporate ladder, this can mean missing out on high-value leads and partnerships.

Your phone’s plus one is a thing of the past because you can have both.

  • Keep work and leisure separate

One of the biggest hesitations on using both slots on the phone that supports dual sims is everything is just in one place. For example, if you receive texts for either sim on one messaging app.

Keep work and leisure separate

And that just gets messy. Normally, you have to set a default sim for calling and texting, so it’s possible to get things mixed up. You can accidentally send an acquaintance or a colleague a text using your personal number.

With that, privacy goes out the window. But with the virtual counterpart, there’s an app built to support it. So it’s like having two phones: your actual phone and the app.

Ready to get started? With Freeje Optimum, it’s as easy as choosing a number, paying for it, and activating that number on their app. And with just this, you’ll never have to worry about bringing two phones with you ever again.