Steps to Take If You Want to Enjoy Gaming on Mac More

Steps to Take If You Want to Enjoy Gaming on Mac More

Macbooks are not usually associated with playing video games. Most gaming enthusiasts would rather stick to personal computers or consoles.

On the other hand, the situation might be different than some people expect. Macs are not the worst platform to play video games, especially if you make some adjustments.

If you are a Macbook owner and have been itching to try some video games, why not do so? And this article will give you an overview of what to do to get the most out of Mac and enjoy playing video games to the fullest.

Step #1 – Make Enough Disk Space

You will need to review your storage consistently. Macbooks are not the best when it comes to available drive space in the first place, and many games require a lot of disk storage these days.

Ideally, your drive should have at least 10% of free storage. However, even then, one has to think about fluctuating numbers because the system creates temporary backups and other junk.

If you want to free up Macbook’s space, keep close tabs on the files and remove those items you no longer need. Old applications, downloads, and email attachments are some of the best examples.

Transferring some data to clouds and external hard drives or memory sticks is also a solid option. Finally, instead of keeping large media files on the Mac, why not use streaming services more often?

Step #2 – Change Game Settings

Game settings have presets. You can switch between low, medium, high, and even ultra. You can try custom variations as well. For example, a video game may run smoothly if the shadow quality is high, but the textures are set to medium.

It is harder to enjoy video games when the graphics are not set to max, but you will have more problems if the game crashes and drops frames because the Macbook’s system cannot keep up with video game requirements.

Step #3 – Get External GPU

Some say that getting an external GPU for a Macbook is one of the most efficient options as far as gaming improvements go. A graphic processor unit can be the difference-maker when playing video games, and it is no secret that many Macbooks have mediocre GPUs.

It will cost you money, but if you want to enjoy video games to the fullest and stick to your current Macbook, then investing in a new graphics card is one of the best options.

Step #4 – Replace HDD With SSD

Speaking of hardware updates, solid-state drives have become the go-to choice and are replacing hard drives. SSDs are better in terms of performance, energy usage, and durability, though they cost more and have lower data storage capacity.

On the other hand, if you consider how much of a difference a solid-state drive would make, especially when you are playing high-end video games, then spending money and replacing your HDD seems like a solid choice.

Step #5 – Buy a Cooling Pad

Video games will put a toll on the internal Macbook fans and make them work overtime. In addition, you might be in a poorly ventilated room, meaning that an overheating Macbook is inevitable.

A cooling pad is an answer. You can use this accessory to reduce the burden of the internal fans. It will be another investment, but if you aim for the best gaming experience on your Mac, it will be worth it.

Step #6 – Remove Dust and Dirt Inside Mac

A cooling pad is not the only way to stop Macbook’s overheating and loud fan noises. You should get in the habit of removing the dust and dirt that accumulate inside the computer.

If you are afraid to take the Mac apart yourself, call a local service store and ask whether any employees can do the work for you. They may even remove all the filth for you.

Step #7 – Add More Memory

Additional RAM is never a bad thing. Computer memory is relatively cheap, but you can get it at an even better price by waiting for the holiday season. This is when all the sales start.

It is worth mentioning that you cannot add extra RAM to all Macbook models. Some Macs have the RAM soldered to the motherboard.

Step #8 – Close Background Applications

Since video games require system resources, it would help if you close any irrelevant background applications. There may be exceptions, such as antivirus or a communication app that you use for work. However, your Mac has a finite amount of available resources, and the more resources the system can allocate to a video game, the better your playing experience will be.

Step #9 – Install Updates

Remember that your operating system needs to be up to date. Updates introduce new features and security patches. But the most important thing is stability and performance improvements. Lack of the most recent drivers and other system files can be the difference-maker between struggling to launch a game and running it smoothly.