SQL Reporting Tools: Making Data Easily Accessible to Your Clients

SQL Reporting Tools

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language that enables communication with and management of relational databases. It was developed by three men at IBM in the early 1970s and was originally called SEQUEL. It was patented in 1985 as the shorter acronym SQL. 

Business professionals use SQL because it simplifies advanced analytics and it helps them administer, update, maintain, and manipulate databases. They use SQL to access this information to make business decisions. 

Do you need to update the contents of a table? Or get needed data from a database? SQL tools can help when you need to manage and work on data for your organization or company. 

SQL reporting tools make data easily accessible. Keep reading to learn how you can quickly install and embed reporting to meet your clients’ needs.

Connect Data Sources 

SQL reporting tools are easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to connect multiple data sources using data connectors. Create reports from all of the databases you need without wasting your time going to each source. You’ll get accurate information that can be accessed by anyone who needs it. 

Data on the Go

Do you need to be able to access reports from anywhere at any time? Cloud-based applications and SQL reporting tools help you generate needed reports from any device with an internet connection. 

When using a tablet or a phone, you have different needs for your reporting. Something that was designed for a desktop computer screen has to adapt to fit on a mobile device.  

Simplify Advanced Analytics 

Did you ever think that it would be easy to build an SQL report? These software tools take the place of complicated analysis tools and methods so you don’t have to depend on your IT specialist to get the reports you need. You can quickly create any report without first learning how to use complicated software.

Data Sharing

When you have all your data available because of reporting tools, you can export and share it with people in various roles in the organization. You can also add powerful visuals to all relevant viewers.

Generate powerful charts, graphs, and reports to share and get the ball rolling on the decision-making process.  

Get reporting tools for SQL up and running in no time. Find out more about this simple, easy, and secure way to create embedded SQL reports for your end-users. 

SQL Reporting Tools 

When your clients need reports, charts, and tables, SQL reporting tools allow collaboration with colleagues and ensure that you have the proper reports with the right people. Tools for SQL reporting enable clients to gain valuable insight from the databases. 

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