8 Best Methods to Speed up Google Chrome

How to Speed up Google Chrome?

Hello guys, I will share some tips and tricks to Speed up Google Chrome and to increase internet speed in google chrome. I followed a lot of tips and tricks to make google chrome faster but I find some tips useful. So I am sharing all tips and tricks here to increase google chrome internet speed. Recently, I shared Best & Effective Tips To Increase Battery Life of a Laptop.


Best 8 Tricks to Make Google Chrome Faster

To boost up Google Chrome, please read all below tips and tricks. You can increase Internet speed in Google Chrome by doing some simple efforts and hacks into Google Chrome browser.

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Best 8 Tips To Boost Up Internet Speed On Google Chrome

1) Disable DNS in Google Chrome

It saves the cache for Domain Name Servers which can payload on your browser so you can disable this and stop your browser to save this cache. just follow the below step in your google chrome.

To disable DNS Setting –

  • Please Go to Setting> Advanced Settings> Privacy
  • There you will find two options, just disable both of them.

2) Remove Unnecessary Web Apps

Google Chrome is not just a web browser, it’s also an application platform for web apps. It can run locally-installed web apps written using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. While web apps don’t load resources like websites do, if you don’t need them, shed them.


3) Clear Browsing Data Regularly (cookies, history, passwords etc)

The saved cache and other saved data like browser history saved forms and login details etc put loads on your browser so better is to clear them all. So to clear them in your chrome follow the below step –

  • Go to Setting.
  • History section.
  • Clear Browsing Data.

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4) Disable unnecessary Plugins

No doubt plugins in google chrome are very helpful for us but they can make your google chrome slow, so better is to remove them after you are done with them for removing just follow the below –

  • Go to Settings
  • Extensions > Disable all extensions.


5) Enable Prefetch Resources

Google Chrome comes with many intelligent features such as network prediction, spelling correction, resource preloader, etc. Resource pre-fetcher or pre-loader provides intelligent suggestions about the pages or links the user is most likely to open next, loading those pages/links in the background before you actually open them.

6)  Use Data Saver Extension

This is a very useful google chrome extension that will help you to save lots of your internet data and also your internet browsing speed will also get boosted to a certain extent. In some times due to outdated extensions and third-party extensions, an err_cache_miss error is also caused.  So add this Data Saver Extension to your google chrome today.

7) Close Fast Tab and Window

The Fast Tab/Window Close option increases the response time of the browser when a user tries to close tabs or windows. Enabling this feature runs a tab’s onUnload.js handler independently of the graphical interface and speeds up the closing process.
To enable fast tab/window close feature –

  • Type chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload in the address bar
  • Click on Enable and then Relaunch Now button.

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8) Disable Image Content

If you really want to boost up your internet speed then you can disable images on your browser, no doubt sites will not look so cool but you can browse them with faster speed. Follow the below step to do so –

  • In your google chrome enter chrome://chrome/settings/content and under image section check the option Do no show images.

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Last Words – I shared all working tricks and useful tips here to make Google Chrome Faster and boost up Internet Speed in Google Chrome. I hope You loved this article, so we recommend you to share these tips with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.