Here are Some of the Fanuc Series 0i Alarms and Error Codes

If you work in the automation industry, you probably know about the problems that exist within the CNC system. This usually leads to the appearance of what we call trip codes. Determining these faults allows you to fix them, leading to saving money and time. Here we provide you can find the Fanuc series 0i alarms and error codes.

Fanuc Series 0i Alarms and Error Codes

When you face a trip code informing you about the source of the issue, you should know what it is and what it means. 

Here is a list of the Fanuc alarm codes and the solution for each of them:


Sign “-” input error (sign “-” was input after an address with which it can’t be used. Or two “-” signs were used).


Decimal Point “.” Input error (A decimal point was input after an address with which it can’t be used. Or input of two decimals).


The number of the commanded axes exceeded that of the allowable simultaneously controlled axis


The move command of the additional axis additional axis.


In setting the offset amount by G10, The offset number following address P was excessive or it was commanded without equipping with an option not specified.


In setting the offset amount by G10, the offset amount was excessive.


One of the G27-G30 was commanded in canned cycle mode. In canned cycle mode, an ATC cycle (M06) is commanded.


An ATC cycle (M06) was commanded for the NC which is not equipped with an optional reference point return feature.


The reference point return cannot be performed normally because the reference point return start point is too close to the reference point or one revolution signal is not input owing to a fault in the pulse coder.


Reference point return cannot be executed normally, because the feed rate is too low to synchronize the one revolution signal of the pulse coder with the reference counter.


The switch to set parameters is on. Push the reset button after turning off the switch.


The power was turned off while rewriting the contents of memory in the part program storage & editing operation. To clear the memory when this alarm is generated, turn on the power and push the DELETE and RESET buttons.


In external alarm messages and in external operator messages, smaller- address data contains an error.


Programs of numbers 8000 – 8999 and 9000 – 9899 are being edited, But this alarm occurs only when parameter setting inhibits these programs to be edited. Error on Stroke Limit Switch

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