Exploring the Average Cost Of Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners are eager to claim the benefits of solar panel installation. For some, it’s because they’ve seen the data about how much money it can save them in the long run. For others, they’re dying to contribute to green efforts.

For those interested in installing solar panels, one of their biggest questions revolves around solar panel cost. Is it worth it, they wonder, to spend thousands of dollars on installing solar panels?

To help you work this question out, we’ve compiled a brief guide to solar panel installation cost. If you’ve ever wondered what factors contribute to the high cost of panels, then this is the article for you!

The Average Cost of Solar Panel Installation

First, let’s break down what the average cost of solar panels in the US is. Solar panel costs for a 10 kW (kilowatt) installation vary from roughly $17,000 to $23,500.

If that sounds steep, don’t worry. This cost isn’t a fixed amount that you’re guaranteed to pay. Other factors affect the rate, such as the state you live in, the kW rate, and the brand of solar panels you buy.

If you want more in-depth information about the average cost for each state, check out this article. It gives you the average for a 6 kW network on a state-by-state basis.

Factors That Affect Cost

Several people would see the rate solar panels sell for and wonder, “What exactly am I paying for with this installation?” In this section, we’ll break down some of the factors that affect that cost. 

First, your home’s location plays a significant role in this cost. A city like Atlanta or Phoenix will naturally generate a great deal more solar energy than a city like Seattle. If you live in an area that won’t generate much money, you’ll end up needing to install a network with much more wattage.

The same is true if trees and other light blockages surround your home. If your roof doesn’t receive much exposure to the sun, it will need a much stronger solar energy network. The size and shape of your roof matter as well, as it determines how many panels you can place on the home.

Lastly, your average monthly electricity and utility bills determine how strong a solar panel network you need. If your bills are low, you won’t need a powerful network. If they’re high and want to reduce them, you’ll need a more efficient network with higher wattage. 

Providers such as Tara Energy, offer one-year and multi-year fixed-rate residential electricity plans that have the option to include renewable energy (green energy) to help you cut CO2 emissions and produce more predictable energy bills.

Professional Expertise

The final determiner of your cost is the professional expertise of the solar panel company. It’s not a good idea to tackle solar panel installation on your own.

There are too many dangerous and complicated factors for it to be worth your time. Instead, you should trust a company like blueravensolar.com/illinois/ to provide the services you need.

Install Solar Panels Soon

While solar panel installation isn’t the cheapest venture, remember that it’s an investment in your home. With solar panels, you can qualify for tax breaks. You also save money on your electric bill and add value to your house. It’s a worthwhile investment, so find an installation company today! We hope you enjoyed this article! For more content like this, check out our other articles.