Software development team roles

Software development

Regardless of the scale and type of the project, a software development process is always clearly structured, and all tasks are performed by a highly qualified team, which consists of specialists with their responsibilities and authorities. Below, we will take a closer look at the software development team roles.

Project Manager (PM)

This team member deals with technical and organizational issues and oversees all stages of the tasks.

The main responsibilities of the PM:

  • Approval of a blueprint and deadlines with a customer;
  • Organization and coordination of the workflow, control over the implementation of various tasks;
  • Distribution of functions and responsibilities between team members;
  • Control of project compliance with all customer requirements (priorities and terms);
  • Solving controversial organizational and technical problems.

Team Lead

This position is required for large-scale projects.

The main duties of a team lead:

  • The formation of corporate culture and organization of a communication process within the team;
  • Distribution of tasks between team members, control over their implementation, compliance with all requirements;
  • Determination of a project development strategy: formation of the code style, selection of the desired architectural solution, ensuring the necessary security requirements, achieving the planned performance.

Business analyst

This specialist ensures effective communication between a customer and a development team.

The main responsibilities of a business analyst:

  • Conducts market research to determine a target audience of the product and carries out a competitor analysis;
  • Creates custom symbols, wireframes, and terms of reference if not provided by the customer;
  • Plans an effective development process and prepares the necessary documentation.

UI/UX Designer

These specialists create a pleasant and user-friendly interface.

The main responsibilities are the following:

  • A UI designer develops the application interface in accordance with the customer’s requirements;
  • A UX designer provides great product usability and functionality to deliver a flawless user experience.


Developers are a key part of any team – these people use various programming languages to create a functional, secure application that offers a great user experience. The software development services team consists of junior specialists, middle, and senior specialists (the level of a specialist depends on the level of knowledge and work experience). Devs with a different scope of knowledge and experience work on the project. For instance, Android, iOS, and server application developers usually work on the development of a mobile application.

Quality Assurance (QA) Specialists

The main task of these specialists is to ensure the high quality of the final product. They test the product before release (find bugs and submit reports to the developers) to verify that it meets all requirements and offers a great user experience.

Marketing specialist

A marketing specialist conducts market research and identifies a target group, its needs, and preferences. After the release of the product, marketers ensure the promotion of the product (launch advertising campaigns on different platforms and create a content marketing strategy) and contribute to its success.

Bottom Line

Thus, a clear understanding of the team structure helps to predict future needs, as well as to properly organize the processes within the team for efficient performance.